Committee Q&A: Stef Dimitrova

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What committee are you part of and what roles have you held?

I started as Social Secretary for KPOP and transitioned to President for KPOP. I have held this role for a couple years (due to COVID not many people wanted to run, I'm not gatekeeping, I promise!). I am also currently Treasurer for the Chess Society. This is my last year on the Committee as I am graduating in September.


What made you want to run for a committee role?

At the time I felt like the society was giving me a lot - in terms of friendship, mentorship, fun activities, and naturally I wanted to give back. It has been exhilarating to be able to contribute and to have people trust my leadership skills throughout the years. With chess - it was a way for me to engage more with the people and with playing the game!


What has been the most enjoyable part of being on committee?

Working with like-minded passionate people who became like my family! With a lot of them I think we complete each other - I have people on my committee who think of small, kind gestures for the members and ensure that everyone feels welcome, and also people who are more admin-oriented and both kinds are needed for a committee to work! Seeing us collectively lead our members on trips and to competitions and coming back with trophies has been a huge highlight! But also, the calm parts - being present at Korean Language Lessons and seeing people learning, socializing and finding friends, laughing during movie nights.

Can you tell us about a time where your role was challenging?

Staying impartial at times has been difficult for me, especially in committee disputes. We all have a good relationship but naturally, sometimes there is conflict and as President you have to make sure you stay impartial and put the well-being of the members first. Delivering bad news also falls under my responsibilities - often related to the dance team (for example someone didn't make it through auditions). In cases like these, it helps a lot to compartmentalize - what is 'society business' and what is 'personal business'. That helps me keep my 'work' at the 'workplace' too!


Do you feel that being on a committee has been beneficial in terms of preparing you for the future?

The roles have definitely enhanced my leadership skills and helped me develop my problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills. My role as Treasurer has made me become more organized and responsible towards my personal finances. I have started appreciating when people around me do a good job at anything and have generally become a more grateful person!


What piece of advice would you give to an incoming committee member?

Be kind to yourself - being on committee is a voluntary commitment so even if thing seem a bit gloomy right now you are still super brave and wonderful for volunteering your time and efforts to a society that you are passionate about.  Make sure to have clear objectives during your time on committee - what do you want to achieve or maintain in your role by the end of the year (if you're Treasurer for example raise X amount of funds) and if you're President (attend X amount of competitions, make sure each week there are X amount of events that all members can come to). Having a weekly schedule helps - for example, every Sunday Ideally I want to email the weekly schedule to all members, create the events on the SU page and finish learning any dances that I'm teaching that week.





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