Committee Q&A: Rhian Jones

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The committee position I have held is Wellbeing for the KPOP Society. As I am a psychology student, this position has been very valuable to me as it has allowed me to demonstrate the necessary skills for my field of interest. I run for this position mainly because I found myself looking after and keeping an eye out for vulnerable members of the society, during certain circumstances. The most enjoyable part of being on the committee is planning de-stress socials during stressful times, e.g., competition or exam season, and seeing everyone genuinely enjoy themselves. However, it can be challenging where there is inter-committee conflict, as you are the mediator of that. So, some advice I give to whoever takes the torch would be to maintain well-being meetings; you can find out things earlier and then resolve them quicker too and have fun. Being on the committee shouldn’t be a chore but rather doing something you like for a society you care about!!  





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