Arts Festival


We are celebrating the arts!

Recent events have shown us how valuable the arts and entertainment sectors are in our lives. We want to bring people together to celebrate just that, so we are offering you an opportunity to express your creative side by exhibiting your work to the student body and beyond. There are no limits to your artistic method, whether you choose words, music, film, drama, dance, painting, or anything else in between, we want you involved!



Origin Story

In 2019 an individual with a clear passion for the arts brought the idea of the Arts Festival to Senedd. They highlighted the incredible work many of our student groups do of their own accord, but felt there could be some way of bringing them all together to unify and empower all the different forms of art we have in our lively Aberystwyth community. Subsequently we have worked closely with key individuals from sports clubs and societies to make this event as diverse, welcoming, and unforgettable as it can be!



If you would like to get involved or you'd like to know more about the event, please contact your Student Opportunities Officer: