In Aber for Winter

Whatever the reason – many students often stay in Aberystwyth over the Winter break. We don’t want anyone to feel alone, so we’ve put together this list of events going on as well as a list of useful contacts.

We’ve also created a Facebook group to share updates of events and activities, as well as giving students the opportunity to arrange meet-up with others.

You can also take a look at the Students' Union buliding opening times over Winter break here!

AberSU Winter Closure Dates:

SU Building will be closed from Wednesday December 21st at 4pm and will re-open on Tuesday 3rd January 2023 with some staff available via email on Thursday 22nd for any queries.

The SU Building will be closed on the weekends of 17/18 December 2022 and 7/8 January 2023.

@YnYrUndeb Closing Times: The kitchen shuts 8pm, Wednesday 14th with the bar shutting at 11pm, Friday 16th. Shop shuts 4pm, 16th.


Throughout November & December.. There are also many other events hosted by AberSU Clubs & Societies on our events page, click here to find out more!

AberSU Mini Winter MarketCardiff Winter Wonderland TripAber Global Festivities DayIn Aber for Winter Meet & Greet.

Here is a list of ResLife events that are also taking place this Winter season:

Free Hub

During the cost of living we don't want any student going hungry or in need of the bare essentials. You can visit our Free Hub to get your essentials this Winter break. The Free Hub is made up of two rooms:

  • The first is our Clothing & Homeware room. In here you'll find some handy stationary like files, some crockery , cooking utensils and even some cutlery. You can also find some pre-loved items such as dvds, books and a whole range of donated pre loved clothing, all donated by the Aber community.
  • Our second room is full of Food & Essentials. In here you'll find essentials for your home such as washing up liquid, toothpaste, toilet paper, shower gel and shampoos and a whole range of non-perishable foods. You can find pasta, soups, a whole range of tinned goods and even some biscuits to go with our tea and coffee available. This room is accessible to students on weekdays between 10am - 4pm.

Location: If you come down to the underground, carry on walking until you are passed the community kitchen, through the white doors around the corner to your left and you'll find our free hub!

Find out more about our Cost of Living initiatives, here!

Flat/House Christmas Dinner

We know that your Aber community might be having their flat Christmas dinner. Here's where you can get your turkey fix, the cheapest in Aber supermarkets! 



Carrots- 1Kg 45p

Sprouts- 200g £1.30

Potatoes - 95p for all-rounder potatoes

Broccoli - 72p

Cauliflower - 95p

Gravy granules- 32p for 200g Stockwell gravy granules

Stuffing- Tesco's own sage and onion stuffing mix 55p for 170g

Cranberry sauce- 55p for 200g

Pigs in Blankets - £3.60 for 20 frozen pig-in blankets

Carrots - 45p for 1Kg

Sprouts- 200g for £1.49

Potatoes - 99p for 1Kg of wonky potatoes

Brocoli - 69p for 350g

Cauliflower- 99p for a medium cauliflower

Gravy granules- 89p for 200g of gray granules

Stuffing- 55p for 170g of Morrisons' own sage and onion mix

Cranberry sauce - 59p for 200g (Morissison's own)

Pigs in Blankets- £4 for 10 pack (Morrisons own)


Tip: Visit our Free Hub or check out the fridge in our Community Kitchen to see if there are any ingredients! 


Student Space

In this section, you can find a range of articles to help you think about, plan for and manage the end of term.

Need Support?

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Aberystwyth Students’ Union Advice Service

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University Campus Life 24/7 Helpline

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01970 622900

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