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Studying German, a native speaker of German or interested in German(y)? Then this fun, active and welcoming society is for you! See the description for what we have planned - hope to see you there!


AU German Society looks to encourage the study of German language and culture - do you study or have studied German? Are you a native speaker from German-speaking Europe or maybe you're just interested in trying something new!

We run weekly relaxed coffee meetups, Kaffee und Kuchen (coffee and cake) where we get together every Wednesday around 4pm! It's a pleasant, friendly, informal environment for practicing your German. Not that you have to as all are welcome, non-speakers included!

We typically run our socials on Thursdays and they range from themed socials around town, society German cinema nights, German board game nights, and the occasional Stammtisch get-together!

Interested in learning or improving your German? There's a lot we can do to help!

  • A casual and informal environment in which you can improve your spoken and written German. There are plenty of experienced speakers and natives happy to help you along!
  • We run a Duolingo School where you can participate and compete with your fellow members in improving your German - we occasionally run competitions through this platform so it's good to get involved!
  • We distribute learning materials to all our members, including flash cards, vocabulary lists, interesting TV programmes and news articles so you've got plenty of things to check out in your free time!
  • We also curate multiple collaborative Spotify playlists - big into German pop, metal or rap? We have a playlist for that!
  • Around exam time we do group get-togethers in the library and in learning areas for informal group study

Join our group on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter for more information on our upcoming events!

Our current membership is £5.00 but this is because we're a small society with little funding! We use this money to help take you on trips and to pay for society assets! We understand membership fees are a pain, but please give us your consideration anyway! Remember to choose Associate membership if you are a graduate, staff member or a non-student!



Please direct any enquiries, requests or questions to Thank you!


AU German Society operates a trilingual policy (in accordance with AberSU bilingualism policy) and welcomes communication in English, Welsh or German! Requests for materials in the aforementioned languages are welcomed!

Due to pressure from various departments within the university, we are not able to provide lessons or formal teaching.


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