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Sprichst du Deutsch? Are you interested in the German language or German culture? Are you an Erasmus student wanting to meet fellow native speakers? Join the German society!


Are you studying German or would like to learn? A native speaker wanting to share a love of your home country? Just curious and looking for something new? The Aberystwyth German Society is the place to be if you're interested in the German language or culture!

Beginning in September, we will be running weekly social events every Tuesday, which will include a wide range such as German film nights, board game nights, food tasting and beer drinking! Every other week will conclude with a Stammtisch in a pub in town where we will encourage members to speak as much German as possible, but non-speakers are always welcome!

In addition, we will have other special events throughout the year. For example, join us on January 28th for our 1st annual "Golden Mile" pub crawl!

It's not just social events though, we can help you with your langauge learning too!

  • We hold regular grammar help sessions and host some group get-togethers in the library to help you prepare for exams when they come around!
  • We run a Duolingo School which you can participate in and sometimes host competitions, so it's a good way to practice and maybe win a prize!
  • We're happy to distribute learning materials such as vocabulary lists and flashcards to all our members and send out reccomendations of interesting German TV shows, German music playlists and news articles, so you have something to check out in the target language in your free time!

If you're looking for a friendly, relaxed environment to practice German or to discover the best of German culture with a new group of friends, we hope to see you soon!

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Oh, and membership is now completely free!



Please direct any enquiries, requests or questions to Thank you!


AU German Society operates a trilingual policy (in accordance with AberSU bilingualism policy) and welcomes communication in English, Welsh or German! Requests for materials in the aforementioned languages are welcomed!


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