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Welcome to Aber Improv! Join us for fun improvisational acting, comedy, and performance!


Under construction! Find us on Insta @aber.improv

actio! hyder! comedi! chwarae rôl! BYRFYFYRacting! confidence! comedy! roleplaying! IMPROV

Improvisation is a random, spontaneous and unplanned kind of performance where actors (or people that pretend to be actors) stand up on stage and, using prompts from the audience, have to create a scene on the fly. No need for scripts or rehearsal. Just a group of people that like to think on their feet and HAVE FUN. If you want some examples of the kinds of things we play, there are example videos at the bottom of the page.


We meet every week with our workshops, Wednesdays 5-7pm in the SU. Everyone is welcome! Doesn't matter if you are an improv expert or a newbie. You just need to have a Tîm Aber Insurance, "buy" our FREE membership and come along. Follow us on social media to stay up to date about when and where our workshops will be held.


The improvisation society is dedicated to the inclusion and acceptance of all members regardless of age, race, ethnicity, ability, culture or nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, religious affiliation, socioeconomic status, and marital status.


Core Documents: Constitution l Code of Conduct l Risk Assessment l Equipment List

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