Virtual Ideas

It is not always going to be possible for you to meet face-to-face. This is where virtual activities and events can be a valuable resource. Doing your activities virtually is a fantastic way to carry on doing the things you enjoy most, while also staying connected with your members. The possibilities are almost endless! Check out Paige's 'Digital Events & Advertisement' presentation and Organised Fun's '101 Online Events Ideas', all alongside this list of ideas for you to draw inspiration from...



Play games together! Maybe run a poll to see what platforms and games your members have

Here are some suggestions




Videos and Music

TV, Movies and Videos


  • Start a film/tv club and continue with your TV/Movie Nights!
  • Some examples services:




  • Create a shared playlist where your members can add in their favourite tunes. Why not make a few themed playlists e.g. Disney Hits, Chilled Vibes and Pop Party?
  • Spotify is great for this, here is a easy guide!
  • Stream music together in real time with Plug DJ




There are so many ways to stay connected, check out some of the most popular here!

Video Calls


  • Many platforms let you video call with each other e.g. ZoomSkype and Facebook Messenger.
  • Why not still have your regular socials just virtually?
  • You can also do a range of other things like host a book club, teach each other new skills or just chill together!




  • Keep up with your regular group chats, try and keep the conversations going and check in on people.
  • If you don’t have one, now would be a great time to set one up!
  • Many platforms let you host a group chat e.g. Facebook messenger, Discord, etc.  



Social Media

Keep active on your social media channels! Utilise the many features e.g. stories, posts, watch parties, hashtags, etc. Also see our 'Event Advertising and Social Media Tips' and Paige's 'Digital Events & Advertisement' presentation.

Some Content Suggestions


  • Do throwbacks to what you have accomplished this year, and get your members to share their favourite moments.
  • Host polls and start discussions on a range of topics e.g. movies/tv shows to watch, books to read and music to listen to.
  • Live stream videos/online classes together and learn new skills e.g. yoga, dance tutorials, arts and crafts, baking.
  • Do challenges/activities with your members e.g. themed/timed challenges, show and tell with things such as books, pets, etc.
  • Start a group blog/vlog to continue to engage with your members.
  • Share some study tips.



Other Activities

Here are some of the other activities clubs and societies got up to in term 1...


  • Chill & Drinks (like a typical social)
  • Themed social (e.g. Christmas/Haloween, costume, shit shirt)
  • Film/Show screening
  • Streaming live performances
  • Training session
  • Fitness sessions/workouts
  • Dance classes/rehersals
  • Guest speakers/talks
  • Workshops/tutorials (e.g. map skills)
  • Bob Ross paint along
  • Activities around 'international days' (list)




  • Task master
  • Bake off
  • Scvanager/Treasure hunt
  • Photo competition
  • Weekly tournamnets
  • Keepy Upies
  • Distance challenges (e.g. using Strava)
  • Step count challenge

Also use the Aber Super Challenge for inspiration, we'd be more than happy to help you replicate any of the events.



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