Aber Super Challenge

As a result of the recent cancellation of some of our Term 2 favourites, Aber Challenge and Superteams we have instead launched the ‘Aber Super Challenge!’ It is a challenge series (that's covid restriction friendly!) running throughout February and March 2021, which sees two different challenges released each week for you to get involved with, have fun and WIN PRIZES. There are a variety of challenges providing something for everyone, whether you're at home or back in Aberystwyth; you will see some variations of Superteams classics, as well as some Aber Challenge favourites.

The challenges are as follows:

Week One:

Plank Challenge (5th - 7th February)
Jackbox Games Night (7pm 5th February)

Week Two:

Strava Challenge (8th - 14th February)
Video Challenge (8th - 14th February)

Week Three:

Keepy Uppy Challenge (19th - 21st February)
Bake Off (19th - 21st February)

Week Four:

1 mile x 4 Relay (26th - 28th February)
Scavenger Hunt (28th February) [Information Pack]

Week Five:

Orienteering (5th - 7th March)
Trick Shot Challenge (1st - 7th March)

Week Six:

Gym Test (12th - 14th March)
Escape Room (7pm 13th March)

Week Seven:

Elevation Challenge (17th - 21st March)
Emoji Photo Hunt (20th - 21st March)

There are prizes for each challenge: for the winner it’s a £30 voucher and for the runner up it’s a £20 voucher (large range of vouchers to select from, from Ridiculously Rich to Amazon, Waterstones to Diva Nails Salon… there’ll be something to suit everyone). Additionally, there are bonus prizes for participation and creativeness. So much opportunity, why not give it a go! 

Even better, there are club and society incentives too (though remember these events are open to everyone, and not limited to club and society members). We are offering an opportunity for one club and one society to win £100 for their student group account. When attending/submitting entries, participants should include if they’re representing a named club or society; we will keep count across the course of the events to see who has the most member engagement throughout.

*Please encourage your members to ‘purchase’ TeamAber Insurance (for free) if they wish to take part in the challenge series. This will provide insurance in the case of any injuries or incidents.

We hope to see you at one of our challenge events soon! If you have any questions and would like to get in touch, please contact suopportunities@aber.ac.uk


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