How to join a Sports Club

The memberships will be available to purchase from Freshers’ Week onwards. You will need to purchase either a Sporty Card (for Clubs) or an Aber Soc card (for Societies) before purchasing the individual memberships, most of which are valid from September – June unless otherwise stated. 

It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

1. Join Club Sporty
To join a Sports Club at Aberystwyth University, you must join Club Sporty. What is Club Sporty? Club Sporty is for all Aberystwyth Students. It supports our sports clubs as well as providing you with a range of facilities and activities to enjoy. Club Sporty also gets you great discounts for when you use the Sports Centre. For example, a swim costs £2.90, but only £1 with Club Sporty and you can use the all weather pitch, badminton courts, basketball court, squash courts (pay for lights), dance studio, playing fields, cricket nets and running track for free. We have a huge range of things for you to do - whether you like the gym, free weights, exercise classes , spin or the pool. Club Sporty also gives you insurance cover, please ask Gavin Allen for further details of this. This is all for just £49!
To make things a bit easier, we have an online payment system, The system will allow you to select and pay for the items and you will then get an email confirming your order. You do not have to complete an application form for this. Your Club Sporty details will then be held on your Aber Card. If you don't want to use the online system, please complete your application form (e-mail for an application form) and return it to the Sports Centre with you cheque or pay over the phone by card - 01970 621500.

2. Find the club you want to join on the AberSU website!
To join a club, you must purchase our membership on the AberSU website! This year, a new online Membership Scheme for Clubs will run and you will have to prove your Club Sporty status before you can access membership to any club. Once you have purchased your Club Sporty membership, there is a 24hr wait for your Aber Card to be updated. Then you’re ready to go!
Simply log on to Find & click on the club you want to be part of, click ‘Join’ and follow all instructions on the website to process your online payment!
3. Add your e-mail to our mailing list!
Don’t forget to contact a committee member to receive important information about the club. You’re now part of a Sports Club!!

For more information on how to get involved:

Contact: Lucie Gwilt, Sports Coordinator
Tel: 01970 621754

Contact: Jasmine Cross, Activities Officer
Tel: 01970 621755