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RPGs, board games, card games, war games and much more in a fun and friendly environment with those of all abilities and skill levels welcome!


Hi! We are the Wargaming and Roleplaying Society, though we're more commonly referred to as WARPSoc. We are a group for anyone interested in tabletop role playing, (i.e. Dungeons and Dragons, for those who don't know what a tabletop roleplaying game is), board games, card games and other types of gaming that involve paper, dice and your imagination *insert Spongebob gif here*.

We are a friendly, open society and will welcome anyone who wants to join us, even if you've never played anything related to tabletop gaming before!

We have connections to the local LARP (a.k.a Live Action Roleplaying, which is basically adult make-believe) systems, as well as other geeky and nerdy societies in the University, such as CardSoc, and geeky nerdy goodness in town, such as Robin's Nest Comics.


WARPSoc has two socials a week, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.

The Saturday social takes place in town, where members of the society get together in one of the many pubs Aberystwyth has to offer, have a dinner and drinks, and socialise, usually chatting about different tabletop roleplaying games (aka tabletop RPGs), LARPs both local and national, and our alarmingly growing dice collections. (There may also be some portable games taking place as well, like Magic the Gathering.) The social usually happens from about 7pm on Saturdays, and it is best for new members to join the Facebook group (or follow our twitter/Instagram accounts) to learn where the social is taking place, as the venue sometimes changes.

The Sunday social is WARPSoc's main session, where people get together and play tabletop RPGs, board games and card games. This is where the magic happens; you get to con NPCs (Non-Player Characters), slay villains and even fight the Elder Ones (or raise them if you're into that sorta thing - trust us; we're not judging). This session is where you can also borrow different board games or RPG books (like World Of Darkness) from our extensive WARPS library - just ask a committee member, and we'll sign it out to you for the entire semester (yes, the entire semester, we are awesome like that). The session happens from noon on Sundays in the Student Union, usually in the conference rooms on the top floor of the building behind the main room. If you cannot find the rooms on the first go, follow the sound of dice rolling, pens scratching and wailing (or ask the Facebook page or twitter/Instagram accounts and someone will find and escort you).


Our committee for this upcoming year includes:

  • Daniel Stirling, Benevolent Overlord (President)
  • Niamh Kearney, Keeper of the Hoard (Treasurer)
  • Frankie Saunders, Simian Librarian (Secretary)







Please feel free to join our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/6141611671/  to hear about our news and events, or follow our twitter (@AberWARPS) and Instagram (@aberystwythwarpsoc)!

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