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Our club will be an organisation focused on fans of the sports of Weightlifting, Powerlifting, CrossFit, and general Strength Training, aimed at bringing these lifters together in a social setting!


Welcome to the Aberystwyth Weightlifting Society, abbreviated to AberLift!

The goal of our club is to provide a platform for participants and fans of Weightlifting, PowerLifting, CrossFit, Strongman, Bodybuilding, and general strength training to meet and socialise, creating a community of lifters to support each other and have fun lifting!

If you're looking to increase your strength, so you can finally rip your neighbour's door off its hinges and tell them to quiet down, This is the club for you!

We will primarily be running weekly socials to achieve this, including themed drinking nights, movie nights, viewing parties for televised strength competitions (World's/Europe's/Britain's Strongest Man/Woman, IPF Worlds, CrossFit Games, Arnold Classics, among others - We are open to suggestions!), and potentially some friendly strength competitions!

We are also looking at hosting some group lifting sessions, but this is conditional to COVID rules at the time!

2021/2022 Committee:

President - Tristan Murphy (trm13)

Vice-President - Kat Savage (kas114)

Treasurer - Dafydd Davies (dad52)

Welsh Officer - Tom Atkinson (toa15)

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