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AberCompSoc is the society for anyone and everyone interested in Computer Science plus things related!

We put on fun events in Aber on a regular basis (including charity and coding challenges), as well as organising trips further afield (FOSDEM).

For those that like to get out, we also have a social every Thursday night, 8pm @ Cambrian Hotel; which is a great place to meet and chat with like-minded people.


Please visit our Github for all of our official docs (github.com/abercompsoc), find us on Facebook (facebook.com/groups/AberCompSoc/), and follow us on Twitter (@AberCompSoc).

If you are unable to click on the above link above for whatever reason, then here are some links


Everyone is welcome! Our membership is free, so join to be a part of our events!

Contact us! scty14@aber.ac.uk

For more information, see our website - abercompsoc.github.io


Current Committee:

  • President - Aaron Walker (aaw13)
  • Vice President - Josh Smith (jos67)


For current Aber students, please choose 'Standard Membership'.

For those that are not Aber students (e.g. graduates, staff members), please choose 'Associate Membership'.