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We are AberCompSoc, the society for those interested in all things Computer Science and related fields!


AberCompSoc is the society for anyone and everyone interested in Computer Science plus things related!

We put on fun events in Aber on a regular basis (including charity and coding challenges), as well as organising trips further afield (FOSDEM).

For those that like to get out, we also have a social every Thursday night, 8pm @ Cambrian Hotel; which is a great place to meet and chat with like-minded people.


Please visit our Github for all of our official docs (github.com/abercompsoc), find us on Facebook (facebook.com/groups/AberCompSoc/), and follow us on Twitter (@AberCompSoc).

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Everyone is welcome! Our membership is free, so join to be a part of our events!

Contact us! scty14@aber.ac.uk

For more information, see our website - abercompsoc.github.io


Current Committee:

  • President - Aaron Walker (aaw13)
  • Vice President - Josh Smith (jos67)


For current Aber students, please choose 'Standard Membership'.

For those that are not Aber students (e.g. graduates, staff members), please choose 'Associate Membership'.















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Registered Charity

Aberystwyth Students' Union #1150576