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Overall Goal


Create several short films each semester

  • Each semester the overall goal is to spend the 3 months we have to create several films. These films once finished will be viewed in a cinema with crew and friends with celebratory drinks to hand! If we feel they are strong enough, one or more may be submitted to film festivals where we fulfill the criteria of the respective festivals.
  • We aim to include at least one semester long film, one 4 week film and one 48hour challenge each semester. These are subject to change, but give the chance to work on a variety of project lengths




During the semester the producer for each film will decided the deadlines for: Pre-production, production and post-production.

  • Pre-production: Focused on finding the story and writing the script, deciding on who will fill each position on the crew, location scouting, camera tests, tech preparation, casting and further planning. It will also involve setting dates for shoots with locations/cast and crew's diaries, which with everyones busy lives is an important challenge.
  • Production: The physical direction, shooting and acting is all done here. You may wish to add a bit of time here to review your footage to decide if you may need some reshoots.
  • Post-production: Editing, sound design, foley and grading. 

Each phase will depend on your project/producer The penultimate deadline will be at the end of the semseter



All members of the society are encouraged to pitch their story idea(s).

  •  All members will be able to pitch their idea(s) for what the film should be. Whether they wish to take direct control or just hope to see something acheived with their story. This will be a casual sit down with the commitee where we discuss your film idea, whether you have a script or not. If a writer is required then this will be advertised for.
  • The next step will be to post several of the film concepts we have received to Facebook/email where members will be able to 'sign up' to show specific interest in films and roles. 
  • We will then go through and allocate everyone. Each film will have a producer role available for students, and this producer will then help organise the films locations, crew availability etc. and report to us with what they need and we will work alongside them to help and make sure everything is running smoothly
  • For 48 hour challenges a pitch will not be required. You must collectively come up with the idea and story together at the start of the challenge with the prompts given.



All members of the society will apply for the position they want.

  • All members will fill out a form with 3 (three) ranked positions they want. Members are encouraged to include a short explaination as to why they want this position and what they can bring to it, any examples of previous films is always welcome.
  • We will then allocate the required roles for the production, you will receive a role on the film whether it may your chosen role is unfortunatley not guaranteed. But we do have 3 films available for you to work on so you may be able to do your preffered role elsewhere!
  • The Director(s) role will have a further step to take. The most important thing with the director(s) is that they have something to say. (This also goes for the writer.) The director needs to have a clear vision of what they want to make, and how. So, everyone that wishes to be the director(s) of the film(s) will have to do have a casual sit down with the commitee, producer and writer for the film so we can visualise the film from your perspective. If you have chosen to direct your own idea then a longer meeting will be required to incorporate the writing/ideas pitch as discussed earlier.



We also aim to run socials and events and workshops outside of the films

  • Socials will be organised by the commitee and occur usually on a Wednesday. They may often be joint socials with other societies, particularly TFTs societies, which can be great oppurtunities to meet actors/other creatives. This is not a requirement of our society. Socials will only exist as long as there is demand, so if you want these, please attend!
  • Events such as viewings of films is something we wish to persue. Whether it may be going to see a film at the cinema together, or the viewings we have of our own films. 
  • Workshops. We wish to run workshops on specific sections of film-making. They will be run by our knowledgable commitee but also by anyone who wishes to teach people what they know! These will be an on-demand thing and happen fortnightly.

These are all subject to demand - if enough people say they want to attend, it will go ahead.

The Committee

President - Alister Malcolm

Vice-President - Michael Kelly

Secretary - Gemma Nolan

Treasurer - Gosia Wendt

Welbeing Officer - Marin Berisa




Contact the committee via Social Media or the President via Email.



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