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Meets every Wednesday to watch a film or television show chosen by all members of the society!


The British Film and Television Society is dedicated to introducing students to British Film, television and culture.

We're a little bit different because we work on a voting system, within the society after watching the film or television show. As the Committee doesn't decide the Film or TV choice, the society does!

With trips to the cinema to see new films (when they are out) and a social every week, there's no reason at all not to sign up! 

Come and watch films and television shows new and old, and a chance to meet new people!

Whilst the screenings are free and we love having new people, we do ask that if you wish to come along to multiple screenings you buy a British Film and TV membership here.

This is just £4 to attend all of our free film screenings all year and to keep our society going!

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Wednesday: Screening Server on our Discord "Kingsman: The Secret Service". 04/11/2020. 18:00 - 21:00. 


Saturday: Halloween Marathon Screening (see events tab for details)


Saturday Socials from 2 pm until 4 pm. Currently on hold until restrictions allows for something as such to take place. 

Cinema Trips

*None as of yet*


President - Patrick Bourne (pab46)

Treasurer - Lukas Pranckevicius (lup32)

Secretary - Joseff Thomas (jot50)

Social Sec - Lucie Andrews (lma)

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