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We as a new society hope to create a fun community for plant lovers, gardeners, life science students or anyone with an interest in nature to learn about and discuss - you guessed it, plants!  All while sharing our horticultural tips and tricks, working on botanical projects, preparing our members for events such as the Botanical University Challenge and hosting exciting plant-related trips and activities such as to the National Botanic Gardens of Wales.

All of our committee members here hope to foster communication between local students who share botanical interest. As well as this, we want to provide both learning and networking opportunities by planning educational days-out and connecting our members to Aberystwyth University staff members, who work in fields such as Plant Science. One of our primary projects will be working in the campus glasshouses each week! Not only have we been allocated space for small growing projects such as this, but in the future, we have plans to revitalize botany and let people grow projects to bring home with them!

Although we are just finding our footing as a society, we are so excited to get started! Feel free to contact us for any questions :)

Core Documents: Constitution l Code of Conduct l Risk Assessment l Equipment List

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