The Night Before...

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The Night Before


The night before E-day, there was stress in the house,

With paper strewn everywhere, not a clean plate in sight.

The student sat writing, with fear in their eyes,

The cue cards were messy, and their brain pretty fried.


The clock it struck 10pm, not so catchy a time,

And down went paper, and cue card a-like.

For this student knew better, than to stay wide awake,

And to sit in exam halls, with a shake and a quake.


They knew that at 10pm, the line must be drawn,

For a good night’s sleep now, would help them at dawn.

They sat up and gathered, all of their things,

Packed their bag ready, for what the morning would bring.


They had eaten their dinner, the healthiest feast,

Of vegetables and rice and chicken breast meat.

For the best things to do, before a big exam night,

Is to eat very healthy, and look after yourself, right?


For the student, it was simple, eat something that’s nice,

Something they enjoy, but will look after them tonight.

For the best things to do, before a big exam day,

Is to eat, sleep, breathe, relax, come what may.


Molly Longden


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