Students and Officers choose RAG Charities for the Year

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This year the Students’ Union opened up suggestions for its Raising and Giving (RAG) Charity of the Year in the weeks leading up to Fresher’s. We received a number of suggestions with the most popular put to an All Student Vote during Orientation Week between Monday 24th and Friday 28th September. The final three were the Motor Neurone Disease Association, Smile for Joeland Mind UK.

After a week of voting and 2793 votes cast, students chose Mind UK to be Charity of the Year who will receive a third of total RAG money raised this year.

Maxine Carvin, one of the students to suggest the Mind UK said:

”The Fencing Club has been supporting Mind for a couple of years, and as the Club’s President I felt it was important to bring this valuable cause to attention of other students. I believe it is important for people who have an ongoing battle with mental health to have a voice that can be heard, and to have help and support available to them.”

This year the Union will continue to split splitting its Raising and Giving (RAG) fund in three. Overall one third of monies raised will go to the Mind chosen by students, another third going to the Guide Dogs Cymru which was chosen by the Full-time Officers and final third available for small grants as part of our Community Fund at the end of the year.

Maxine Carvin who nominated Mind and Louisa Fletcher, AberSU Opportunities Officer

Louisa Fletcher, AberSU Opportunities Officer on behalf of the Full-time Officers said:

“I am pleased that Guide Dogs Cymru has been chosen as our Welsh charity for RAG this year. Vision is often a sense many of us take for granted and so it is a staggering fact that every hour, another person in the UK goes blind. Guide dogs provide such a valued and in many cases life changing service to thousands of people. It allows people to gain or re-gain their freedom and independence from or after sight loss. I am sure that aber students will get behind the charities’ amazing work and we might even raise enough to sponsor a puppy!”

Sports Teams and Societies are still able to support charities of their choice through specific events and fundraising activities.

Breakdown of Votes:

Mind UK - 1444

Motor Neurone Disease Association - 1002

Smile for Joel - 347

Total Votes - 2793


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