Students’ Union secures Wednesdays afternoons free for inter-University Sport.

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After ongoing discussions with the University and academic departments following policy passed in 2018 it has been agreed that “legitimate inter-University Sports” events will be considered as an acceptable Special Circumstance reason for absence.

Wojtek Salski, Opportunities Officer said…

“The original policy put forward by students was to ensure fair treatment for those who represent the University in inter-University Sport.

We believe strongly at the Students’ Union that your time at university is more than just your degree; it's also about the experiences and friendships that come with it.

We’re therefore delighted that the Pro-Vice Chancellor, Tim Woods has worked carefully to ensure no student is disadvantaged for choosing to represent the University.”

Students who participate will be required to submit Special Circumstances accompanied with a supporting letter from the Students’ Union, available from the Student Opportunities.

This will means that any student who misses an assessment on that day will be offered an uncapped opportunity for that assessment (as if for the first time).

However, this will not act as an extension for the submission of assessed work, and students will still be required to submit beforehand if away on the day of the deadline.

While the students will be marked absent on that day, it will not trigger any warnings. Students should however continue to take care to ensure sporting commitments do not take priority over their studies.


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