Student Volunteers Receive Aber Award

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Yesterday we held an online presentation, and announced those who had achieved one of our Aber Award Certificates.

You can watch the video here:

The Aber Award is a yearly, milestone award which allows us to recognise student volunteers who freely give up their time for the benefit of others and the environment.

This year a total of 9,846 volunteering hours were logged by 171 students, which is amazing!

38 Students achieved the Bronze Award
28 Students achieved the Silver Award
32 Students achieved the Gold Award

Of those who achieved the gold award, it was clear to see their outstanding dedication to their role or roles, with many recording far over the 120 hours required to achieved the award.

Congratulations to everyone receiving a milestone award!

Of the nearly 10,000 hours that were recorded, we know this only reflects a portion of the hours that are given up by student volunteers!

To everyone who has volunteered this year, whether you have worked towards the Aber Award or not, we want to say thank you! We know that 100’s of student volunteers give up their time whilst here at University, so a thank you goes out to…

Club and Society Committees and members, A-Team Volunteers, Academic Reps, Volunteer Officers, Peer Guides, Mascot Volunteers, Action Day Volunteers and anyone who volunteers in the community!

Over half the hours recorded this were came from club and society committee members! Whilst a quarter of the hours recorded came from those who volunteered for the student community or within the local community. Guide and Scout leaders, listening volunteers, St John Ambulance volunteers, dolphin surveys, Conservation volunteering, community garden upkeep, Science outreach, charity shop volunteers, beach cleans, hospital volunteers and police volunteers were all recorded hours, giving us a snapshot into the sort of community volunteering undertaken by students.

Although the chance to work towards the Aber Award has finished this year, the volunteer hub will be re-opening in September, and we’d really encourage you to get involved!


Mohamed Hamadah
4:58pm on 1 Jun 20
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