Spring By-Elections Candidates 2022

Now that standing has closed, we are pleased to announce the candidates for the Spring Volunteer Officer and Academic Rep By-Elections!

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Now that standing has closed, we are pleased to announce the candidates for the Spring Volunteer Officer and Academic Rep By-Elections! Voting will open at 12pm, Monday 9th May.

You can see the candidates below or view them in our candidates gallery here





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Ysgol Fusnes Aberystwyth | Aberystwyth Business School

Cynrychiolydd Busnes a Rheolaeth Blwyddyn 2
Year 2 Business and Management Representative

Abhinav Bhardwaj
Caleb Green

Cynrychiolydd Cyfrifeg Blwyddyn 3
Year 3 Accounting Representative
Bridget Stroh
Melanie Barnes
Cynrychiolydd Economeg Blwyddyn 3
Year 3 Economics Representative
Andrew Slaven


Adran Cyfrifiadureg | Department of Computer Science

Cynrychiolydd Blwyddyn mewn Diwydiant Cyfrifiadureg
Comp Sci Year in Industry Representative

Cerys Lewis
Cynrychiolydd Cyfrifiadureg Blwyddyn 2
Year 2 Comp Sci Representative
Jaden Clive Pinto
Michael Stamp
Cynrychiolydd BIT Blwyddyn 3
Year 3 BIT Representative
Lewis Jones
Cynrychiolydd Cyfrifiadureg Blwyddyn 3
Year 3 Comp Sci Representative
Emma Solaas
Joseph Metcalfe


Yr Adran Saesneg ac Ysgrifennu Creadigol | Department of English and Creative Writing

Cynrychiolydd Llenyddiaeth Saesneg Blwyddyn 3
Year 3 English Literature Representative
Anna Simpkins
Cynrychiolydd Llenyddiaeth Saesneg ar Ysgrifennu Creadigol Blwyddyn 2
Year 3 English Literature and Creative Writing Representative
Jess Evans
Cynrychiolydd Cyd Anrhydedd Blwyddyn 3 (SYC)
Year 3 Joint Honours Representative (ECW)
Caitlin Foley


Adran Daearyddiaeth a Gwyddorau Daear | Department of Geography and Earth Sciences

Cynrychiolydd Gwyddorau Amgylcheddol y Byd Blwyddyn 3
Year 3 Environmental Earth Science Representative
Hayden Eldridge


Adran Hanes a Hanes Cymru | Department of History and Welsh History

Cynrychiolydd Cyfrwng Cymraeg Blwyddyn 3 Hanes & Hanes Cymru
History and Welsh History Year 3 Welsh Medium Representative
Owain Roberts
Cynrychiolydd Hanes Blwyddyn 3
Year 3 History Representative
Adam McCartan
Chelsea Scott
Tristan Wood


Adran Gwleidyddiaeth Ryngwladol | Department of International Politics

Cynrychiolydd Gwleidyddiaeth Ryngwladol Blwyddyn 2
Year 2 International Politics Representative
Ben Smith


Adran Y Gyfraith a Throseddeg | Department of Law and Criminology

Cynrychiolydd LLB Blwyddyn 2
Year 2 LLB Representative
Innseon Cha
Cynrychiolydd Troseddeg Blwyddyn 3
Year 3 Criminology Representative
Beata Ganigovska
Cynrychiolydd LLB Blwyddyn 3
Year 3 LLB Representative

Catherine Jones
Jordan Phillips
Jordan Roberts
Matthew Woolldridge


Adran Mathemateg | Department of Mathematics

Cynrychiolydd Mathemateg Blwyddyn 2
Year 2 Maths Representative
Erin Lawrence
Cynrychiolydd Mathemateg Blwyddyn 3
Year 3 Maths Representative
Hannah Louise Cooper
Trys Hooper
Cynrychiolydd Mathemateg Blwyddyn 4
Year 4 Maths Representative
Kaitlin Ashton


Adran Ffiseg | Department of Physics

Cynrychiolydd Ffiseg Blwyddyn 2
Year 2 Physics Representative
Elliott Brown
Kate Thomas
Marcus Hall
Terry Hand
Cynrychiolydd Ffiseg Blwyddyn 3
Year 3 Physics Representative
Harry Marsh
Zoe Hayne
Cynrychiolydd Ffiseg Blwyddyn 4
Year 4 Physics Representative
Toluwalase Agoro

Adran Seicoleg | Department of Psychology

Cynrychiolydd Seicoleg a Chynghori Blwyddyn 3
Year 3 Psychology and Counselling Representative
Luzie Volckers


Adran Astudiaethau Theatr, Ffilm Theledu | Department of Theatre, Film and Television

Cynrychiolydd Astudiaethau Ffilm a Theledu Blwyddyn 3
Year 3 Film and Television Studies Representative
Lucy Thomas
Cynrychiolydd Astudiaethau Cyfryngau a Chyfathrebu Blwyddyn 3
Year 3 Media and Communication Studies Representative
Owain Roberts



Cynrychiolydd Bioleg Blwyddyn 2
Year 2 Biology Representative
Millie Warren
Harriet Goodchild
Cynrychiolydd Gwyddor Filfeddygol Blwyddyn 2
Year 2 Veterinary Science Representative
Steph Robinson
Cynrychiolydd Bioleg Blwyddyn 3
Year 3 Biology Representative
Kitty McCann


Ysgol Celf | School of Art

Cynrychiolydd Hanes Celf Blwydden 2
Year 2 Art History Representative
Grace Dealy
Jasmine Banning
Cynrychiolydd Hanes Celf Blwydden 3
Year 3 Art History Representative
Eva Liss
Cynrychiolydd Celfydydd Gain Blwyddyn 3
Year 3 Fine Art Representative
Nina Modelski


Ysgol Addysg | School of Education

Cynrychiolydd Astudiaethau Plentyndod Blwyddyn 2
Year 2 Childhood Studies Representative
Jessica Terry
Cynrychiolydd Addysg Blwyddyn 2
Year 2 Education Representative
Andrew Hayden Clancy
Cynrychiolydd Astudiaethau Plentyndod Blwyddyn 3
Year 3 Childhood Studies Representative
Liberty Firmstone



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