Sports clubs & societies : can’t find a student group for you?

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Here in Aberystwyth we have over 50 different Sports Clubs and 80 different Societies offering you endless opportunities to get involved.

However we appreciate that you may have an interest that you don’t feel is currently being catered for or that you are looking for a club or society that doesn’t currently exist in Aber… therefore we asked our staff and officer team to share the ins and outs of starting your own sports club or society:


What could a student do if they can’t find a group they want to be a part of?

E-mail the Opportunities Officer ( who can help you find the right group for you!

If we can’t find a current group that’s right, you can easily start up a new group yourself with support every step of the way. We are always keen for new societies and sports clubs to join the Team Aber Family.


When you were a student, did you set up a sports club or society? Tell us about it!

Lucie, Student Opportunities Manager

I joined existing clubs when I was in University, but looking back I wish I had set up a Quidditch Club as it's one of the only Sports we don't have at Aber.

Tom, Societies Development Coordinator

I didn't, but I was involved in the remaking of one. The original purpose of the society no longer fitted the needs and desires of the students involved. Originally we were an organic gardening society, but with a recent shift to focus on wellbeing (both mental and physical health) we undertook a transformation to better represent what we were becoming the Healing Gardens to offer a refuge for students who needed it.


In your own words, how could a student set up their own student group at UMAberSU?


Get in touch with the Opportunities Officer on or you can submit a 'Create a new Club/Society' form on the Team Aber Resource Hub (


You can find the full process of setting up a society here:

Alternatively, feel free to get in touch with the Opportunities Officer on

Eleri, Communications & Engagement Manager

Get in touch with the Opportunities team on who can help with setting up a new sports club or society.

Or you can adopt one of the vacant societies listed here.


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