Shining a Light on Volunteers - Em Truman

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Our fifth article of the week is about Em Truman. Em is a Team Leader with the A-Team and helps to welcome new students over fresher’s, as well as support SU events throughout the year. She is also volunteers with UKSEDS, the UK’s national student space society! Find out about her volunteering journey so far…

What volunteering roles do you have?
I’m an A-Team team leader and an Outreach Team Leader at UKSEDS - UK Students for the Exploration and Development of Space

Why do you volunteer? 
I volunteer because I like knowing that by helping, less people have to struggle with the problems that I have faced in my life. I also like knowing I’ve helped someone achieve something they didn’t think they could or just help make their life a bit easier. I also get to meet a wider range of people than I would if I didn’t volunteer.

Every year university societies that are associated with UKSEDS can apply for their university to host the event and this year we’ll be bringing everyone together in Aberystwyth. The conference is aimed at university students considering a career in the space sector, and employers from the sector who are looking to recruit graduates. There will be exhibitions from employers, talks from prominent figures and panels covering the activities of our branches and rapidly developing areas of the space sector.

What's your best feel good moment as a volunteer?
My best feel good moments probably come from helping at Superteams, it’s such a good atmosphere for the whole weekend and even if I’m exhausted at the end, it’s worth it. I also like the moments when I can really see that I’ve helped someone; whether it’s helping them to realise their passion for a subject or just giving them a hand to lift bags up the stairs when moving into accommodation at the start of term.

What benefits have you gained from volunteering?
My confidence has increased so much through volunteering. Even if I’ve only learnt what I’m doing 5 minutes before I’m leading a team, it feels really good to be the person who people look to for guidance on what they should be doing. It also really helps to push my boundaries, every year I can look back on what I’ve done with my volunteering and see that I’ve done things I didn’t think I could the year before.



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