RESULTS : AberSU Celebrates Sports 2020

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AberSU is proud to present the second award evening of the week: AberSU Celebrates Sports Awards 2020.

These awards recognise the dedication of students to their Sports Club, recognising contributions socially, competitively and professionally.

Thank you to this year’s panel members: Lucie Gwilt (SU Opportunities team), Tom Morrissey (SU Opportunities team), Emily Stratton (SU Opportunities team), Wojtek Salski (SU Officer team), Rachel Hubbard (Sports Centre), Mark Marshall (Senedd Rep), Sabina O’Donoghue (Senedd Rep).

We would like to congratulate everyone that was nominated as well as those winning the categories this evening.

Congratulations to all.


The club winning this award has gone above and beyond to ensure that all their activities, information and social media is bilingual at all times. Their members have volunteered at two Urdd competitions this year, where Welsh speaking abilities are required, umpiring and helping in the efficient running of the event. The club's Welsh speakers have been actively teaching their teammates the language and have taken initiatives throughout the year to ensure that Welsh culture is cultivated and encouraged.

Congratulations to our Welsh Language Award winners of 2020, Netball!

  1. Netball



This club built local charity partnerships early on in the year, which as a result, also enabled other clubs and societies to develop similar relationships. This club noticed a clear lack of mental health support for students of Aberystwyth University, and wanted to make a difference. They coordinated the sober November event, which so many other clubs were able to get involved with. This event combined with others, such as their 'Stars In Their Eyes’ RAG event, resulted in raising a total of £4,000. An enormous contribution to local mental health charities, and hopefully making a massive impact on the facilities available to current and future students.

The winners of the ‘Biggest Contribution (RAG)’ Award 2020 is Men’s Football!

  1. Men’s Football
  2. Showdance
  3. Netball



Receiving countless nominations for their efforts, this person has been a leading force for their club over the past three years. They have been choreographer, coach and general organiser for a vast majority of this student group's many achievements. Working tirelessly day and night and always putting the group’s wellbeing first, they have made a great job of ensuring all club members feel prepared and able to compete. This person has excelled in their efforts to make the club the best it can be, and they have achieved many successes, particularly in competition. The sheer number of nominations received made it an easy decision for the panel, as it was clear to see the dedication and work they have given throughout their University career. Above all, she is considered to be one of the most recognisable, active and welcoming individual within the Team Aber community, making her an example to follow and a role model for dance coaches to come.

Congratulations to Amy Louise Mason from Showdance!

  1. Amy Louise Mason
  2. Luke Archer
  3. Joseph Davies



This individual has been the true unsung hero of their club for the past two years. Their commitment to the club goes above and beyond, particularly in this instance where they themselves do not actually play the sport. This person has selflessly given up countless hours of their time, only to see the club grow, thrive, and achieve more and more. This person does what is required without expecting praise, acknowledgment or a second thought. They have worked tirelessly ensuring the club organises Old Boys weekends, participates in Varsity, and has organised teams for SU organised events such as Superteams. It is truly remarkable to see an individual so committed to the people around him, and to the club he loves so dearly. A true role model, and completely selfless…

Congratulations James Vickery from Squash!

  1. James Vickery
  2. Rosie Webber
  3. Aasta Walberg Schive



Despite only starting up at the end of this year, this team has put in an extreme amount of work to become a force to be reckoned with. The committee worked hard to organise friendlies initially, all of which proved no trouble for the developing players. Upon playing their first inter-University competition later in the year, they proved unbeatable throughout, beating established teams who have been set up for years to take the title.

Congratulations to our Non-BUCS Team of 2020: Handball!

  1. Handball
  2. Netball (4’s)



This team have been absolutely fantastic this season. They have all worked extremely hard to develop themselves as a team; training several times a week and on top of this arranging additional rugby-fitness related sessions with the Sports Centre. They’ve had to do more travelling than any other team this season due to the location of their opposition, however they never fail to have a positive attitude. Their hard work has not gone unnoticed. This team have been unbeaten all season; winning many of their games without conceding even a single point. They have absolutely smashed their BUCS league, and will be promoted to Western Tier 2 next season, where we have no doubt they will leave their mark.

Congratulations to our BUCS Team of 2020: Women’s Rugby!

  1. Women’s Rugby
  2. Pool
  3. Women’s Basketball



This person had a large number of strong nominations, and it is easy to see why. When it comes to someone who puts the club first before themselves at all times, this person would be the first to come to mind. They are someone who will take everyone else's problems onto their shoulders and do absolutely everything possible to help. They are always one the funniest people on a night out, and never fails to make everyone smile. This person has served two years on committee and has been a leading force in the complete reformation in the reputation of their club. Winning or losing, they always have a smile on their face and never fails to demonstrate their high standing morals. He is a great role model to many in the club and we understand will be sorely missed next year.

Congratulations to Malcolm Herbert from Men’s Rugby Union!

  1. Malcolm Herbert
  2. Luke Archer
  3. Kate Baldock



This person is known nationally for their high standard of play. They have competed at a high standard throughout their University career so far, including being selected for the Wales C Squad and Welsh Universities Team. This person is an Aberystwyth University scholarship holder, also competing at a high level in the Welsh Premier League for Aberystwyth Town Football Club. They helped their team last year achieve promotion in BUCS, and this year achieved top scorer despite playing from midfield. They are also active in the community; coaching youth teams and getting involved with local primary schools. This person has achieved so much already in their two years at Aberystwyth University, and we are certain there will be lots more success to come in their final year next year.

Congratulations to Mathew Jones from Men’s Football!

  1. Mathew Jones
  2. Marta Pioro and Wojciech Kuziuta
  3. Tobias Johnson



This club have advanced greatly over this past academic year. From dwindling membership numbers last year, they have since become notably more active with more and more members joining every week. The committee worked together to lead the club's representation in BUCS, despite facing many barriers along the way. Their women’s team in particular excelled this year, barely losing a game all season. Moreover they have created a great space for students to promote a healthy lifestyle and ensured that training is available almost every day making them potentially one of the fittest and best prepared teams of the Team Aber community. Overall they have excelled in many ways, and should be considered as one of the most prominent clubs of this academic year.

Congratulations Swimming & Waterpolo!

  1. Swimming & Waterpolo
  2. Panthers Street Dance
  3. Handball



Just looking at the sheer number of nominations that this club received, they absolutely smashed it. Nominations from countless different clubs and societies across Team Aber; all enabled this to be an easy decision for the panel to make. They’ve had a fantastic season in their Saturday league competition, achieving record success with a huge goal difference of 147! However, more notably their work in the community is what has done it for them this year. This club have teamed up with other clubs to raise an outstanding amount of money for MIND Aberystwyth (totalling just over £4,000!) leading fundraising events such as ‘Sober November’, and ‘Take One, Leave One’. Members have actively volunteered at the local food bank, Jubilee Storehouse helping to distribute food and supplies for those less fortunate, and not to mention their efforts in raising awareness of LGBTQ+ within sport. They’ve been extremely active in supporting other Clubs and Societies with their RAG events, and have been heavily involved with SU activities as well. Their social media, and in particular their bilingualism, has been second to none, and we have loved reading and sharing everything they’ve achieved. What a sensational year for this group.

Congratulations to Men’s Hockey!

  1. Men’s Hockey
  2. Women’s Rugby
  3. Women’s Basketball


This is an extremely coveted award with a maximum of 25 available to give out per year.

Full University Sports Colours are awarded to individual students who have shown continued outstanding dedication or made an exceptional contribution to their club, whilst also demonstrating commitment to the SU and/or student sport. In exceptional circumstances, students may also be awarded colours for excelling at their chosen sport to a high level, including winning an international/national or BUCS Competition or representing their sport at a national/international level.

From a record amount of over 200 nominations, the 25 winners for University Sports Colours are as follows:

Amy Louise Mason from Showdance
Andrew Hughes from Harriers
Cuan Higgenbotham from Lacrosse
Esther Asukile from Netball
Evan Fuller from Pool
Kate Baldock from Women’s Football
Katie May Andrews from Aerial Fitness
Kieran Bibby from Mountaineering
Lara Wallace from Women’s Rugby
Laura Robinson from Cricket
Luke Archer from Men’s Hockey
Maisie Truman from Women’s Rugby
Malcolm Herbert from Men’s Rugby Union
Marcus Perry from Men’s Football
Molly Rowell from Women’s Hockey
Morgan Brownlow from Men’s Football
Pedro Davis from Swimming and Waterpolo
Pheobe Nicoll from Cricket
Rhys Richards from Snow Sports
Robert Thompson from Men’s Hockey
Sally Kilgour from Showdance
Sam Preece from Rugby League
Siân Partington from Netball
Thomas Lancaster from Mountain Biking
Yasmin Marshall from Women’s Hockey

A huge congratulations to all nominees and winners of the 2020 AberSU Celebrates Sports Awards.

Da iawn / Well done from us all at AberSU.


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