RESULTS : AberSU Celebrates Societies 2020

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AberSU proudly presents the results for the 2020 AberSU Celebrates Societies Awards.

These awards recognise the contribution of societies and individual students in enhancing the Aber University experience.

Thank you to this year’s panel members: Lucie Gwilt (SU Opportunities), Tom Morrissey (SU Opportunities), Emily Stratton (SU Opportunites), Wojtek Salski (SU Officer team), Tony Orme (Careers), Malcolm Herbert (Senedd Rep) and Molly Rowell (Senedd Rep).

We would like to congratulate everyone that was nominated as well as those winning the categories this evening.

Congratulations to all.


The society winning the award this year has actively worked towards the conservation of local attractions and areas of interest. Just a snippet of what they have been up to includes: invasive species management, re-wilding projects and foot-path maintenance. Above all, they have secured over £3,000 funding for the Welsh Heritage Orchard project and planted 250 trees on Gogerddan Campus.

Congratulations to our winners, ACV!

1) Aberystwyth Conservation Volunteers (ACV)
2) Geography
3) Organic Food Co-op



These bubbly, always smiling people, have done a great deal of work over the past year. Without a doubt, they are one of the most engaged student groups; they have helped out at a range of SU events and are constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to engage students. They have excelled in raising and giving, making it great fun and providing a positive space for students to fundraise. Their efforts are amazing, leaving the panel speechless at one point. Over £2,000 has been raised for this group’s affiliated charity, making them the number 1 group for fundraising across the whole charity’s network.

Congratulations to Tickled Pink for their outstanding effort!

1) Tickled Pink
2) Student Minds
3) Aber WWF



This society has actively contributed to RAG. They have raised over £500 for their chosen charity, Marie Curie, through the organisation of bake sales, football matches, quizzes and raffles. Importantly, they have also actively got involved in other groups' fundraising activities.

The award goes to the Geography Society!

1) Geography
2) Beer Pong
3) Eco Education



This society, through cooperation with other student groups managed to raise money for sustainable causes throughout the year. In spite of being a new student group, they have become one of the most prominent societies focused on the wellbeing of the world and its members. Their activities ranged from workshops, bake sales and beach cleans; while also actively engaging with the community and encouraging others to participate in this overwhelmingly hard task of making the world a better place.

Congratulations to Eco Education!

1) Eco Education
2) ESN Aberystwyth
3) Organic Food Co-op



This individual has been of great help to their society committee members, as well as their society members, providing quality advice and assistance throughout the year, making sure that not one person feels lost or left out. By fulfilling their own duties and taking up duties of other committee members in times of need, they have made a great impact; all things which should be recognised as the highest excellence.

Congratulations to Nathalia Kinsley, Secretary of Aber Pride!

1) Nathalia Kinsley
2) Tristan Worssam
3) James Watson



Our winner this year is an enthusiastic individual who has been a key member of their society for many years, making sure that everyone feels welcome. Their countless efforts have been recognised by the committee, the SU and within their academic department. They are an exemplary candidate for this award; working overtime, going the extra mile and offering help to all in need. They have made a profound impact, leaving people in a better, happier place and we’re convinced that their work should be awarded for all of the above.

Congratulations goes to Iain Place, president of ACV!

1) Iain Place
2) Kaja Brown
3) Amber McNeil



This individual has gone above and beyond making sure each and every activity and event is run smoothly and successfully. Getting in touch in advance, going the extra mile and coming up with new ways of dealing with issues has seen this individual excel and profoundly impact the Aberystwyth student community. Above all, they have built strong and meaningful connections for the society with external organisations and groups within the university to provide high quality opportunities, for not only their own society members, but for many students in Aberystwyth.

Congratulations to James Watson, Vice-President of the Law Society!

1) James Watson
2) Jack Gould
3) Sarah Shelton



Emerging on the wave of change in perception, this society's goal is to make the world a better place, and ultimately raise awareness about the issues within. They have excelled in creating a fresh new environment for students to commit to causes close to their hearts. Raising over £200 for various environmental and charitable causes, they have managed to attract attention of local officials and change the perspective on the climate crisis issue for many students, making a great impact over only a year of work.

Congratulations to our Best New Society of 2020, Eco Education!

1) Eco Education
2) Improvisation
3) Vagina Monologues



This society have managed to double its membership base, which is a massive accolade. The committee organised various activities and fundraising events over the year, raising over £1,000 for Guide Dogs. Members have also actively volunteered in the dog shelter outside Aberystwyth, amongst many other volunteering opportunities. Their work towards charitable causes produced activities such as bake sales, craft trips, movie nights and canine calming events. Their effort to raise the profile of their student group should be recognised as an example of an excellent and hardworking ethic.

Congratulations to our Most Improved Society of 2020, Aber Dogs!

1) Aber Dogs
2) International Politics



This society has done a fantastic job in bringing their department together, allowing students to collaborate and meet across degree schemes. Their joint Winter Ball was a great success, attracting an impressive number of students and staff, alongside providing a safe space for the department’s community to come together. Most importantly their committee has worked hard throughout the whole year to put on a range of academic activities, all of which have even been recognised by LawCareers.Net’s national award panel.

Congratulations to the Law Society for being the Best Academic/Course Based Society of the Year!

1) Law
2) Geography
3) Animal & Veterinary



As a relatively new society, this group has taken on board a huge number of tasks and commitments, all of which contribute to taking care of one of Earth’s most essential species for sustainability and longevity. The committee have made huge efforts with fundraising for their charitable cause throughout the year, whilst also raising awareness amongst many students. They have offered a unique experience for their members, all of whom have been able to take part in production of honey, bee conservation and much more. Moreover, once the pandemic emerged, they have been one of our most invested societies, still needing to tend to their hives and actively providing members with activities to ensure that no one gets left behind or feels alone...

Congratulations to our well deserving Society of 2020, Bee Conservation!

1) Bee Conservation
2) Geography
3) Aberystwyth Conservation Volunteers (ACV)



This is an extremely coveted award with a maximum of 25 available to give out per year. Full Society Colours are awarded to individual students who have shown continued and outstanding dedication or made an exceptional contribution to their society.

Receiving University Society Colours this year are:

Aaron Daniels from Labour & Wrestling
Frankie Targett from Bee Conservation
Iain Place from ACV
Kaja Brown from Eco Education
Katie Payne from Geography
Meg Bennet from ESN
Molly Walsh from Geography
Stephen Kingdon from ESN
Zak Wilce from Bee Conservation
Sophie Wyld from Tickled Pink
Charlotte Cooper from Zoology
Catrin Stephens from Improvisation
Michael Davey from Wrestling
Altaea Fradley from Food Coop
Mark Marshall from SSAGO & Pride
Lauren Pickens from BSL
Stefani Dimitrova from KPOP
Joe Kirkwood from ACMUN
Sophie Grave from Curtain Call
Katy McCook from Aber Marrow
James Watson from Law
Jazzy Dale-Goslin from Student Minds
Bethani-Lee Dalziel from Yoga

A huge congratulations to all nominees and winners of the 2020 AberSU Celebrates Socieities Awards.



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