Our promise: “We will provide opportunities to find your Aber community”

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This week is “AberSU Celebrates week” - THE perfect opportunity to celebrate all things related to Aber students and we will be celebrating one promise at a time.

(not aware of Undeb Aberystwyth’s promises to students – have a look here)


We want to offer the chance to try something new, enjoy hobbies, socialize and make lasting and meaningful friendships and be part of something bigger.


Today we take a look back at some of the ways we have “provided opportunities for you to find your Aber community” this last academic year:

  • Over the 2023-2024 academic year HALF of Aberystwyth students have engaged with AberSU’s services, activities and/or groups.
  • 40% of Aber students are members of Team Aber; our community of 45 sports clubs and 101 societies).
  • Our 3 days of Freshers fair welcomed 172 stalls to the marquee and Arts Centre during Welcome week (121 club and society stalls & 37 businesses/charities).
  • Our groups ran 48 Give it a go taster sessions during the September Freshers period and 15 Give it a go sessions during the Refreshers period at the end of January. These were all listed on the Events section on the AberSU website.
  • During the year, our AberSU Event calendar on the website has listed 438 events held by 56 of our student groups.
  • Our Helo Aber programme of welcome events included Meet and Greet sessions as an opportunity for new students to meet like-minded students: 296 students attended one of our 10 meet and greet sessions during the September Freshers period and 68 students attended one of the 10 sessions held during Refreshers at the end of January.
  • 528 nominations received for the Sports and Society awards this year: celebrating the diverse communities of student groups here at Aberystwyth.

Key events recap: Find your Aber community (abersu.co.uk)

BUCS End of Year Article (umaber.co.uk)


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