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Hello Lovely people,

This month I am going to be talking about a topic that is very close to my heart, and that is Pro-Choice. Just a quick trigger warning – I am going to be talking about abortion, so if you think this may upset you, please give this blog post a miss.

Last April, as I was coming towards the end of my degree, I found out that I was pregnant. This was a great surprise to me as I had a copper coil (IUD) fitted as contraception, but I had become pregnant because the coil was not in the correct place. This was an extremely emotional and confusing time for me, but I was lucky that I have a kind and caring boyfriend, plus supportive friends and family to talk to. I knew that it was not the right time for me to have a child, but I have always been a very broody person, so the thought of having an abortion was very upsetting to me.

But, I still decided to go through with the abortion, as I knew that I was not yet prepared to support another life. The sexual health clinic referred me to the hospital where I had a scan and consultation with a doctor.  I found out that I was 6 weeks pregnant, meaning that I could have an Early Medical Abortion (EMA), which involved taking a pill at the hospital and then the next day you would usually take another pill at home and go through the termination there. But because I still had a coil inside of me, they wanted me to be admitted into the hospital to take the second pill so that the nurses could monitor me and see if the coil would pass out of me. Everyone at the hospital was very kind and caring and made me feel like I was in safe hands. They offered me lots of support, but thankfully I felt fully cared for by my boyfriend, so I didn’t feel as though I needed it.

The termination was obviously a not nice experience, but the people at Bronglais hospital were amazing. I feel very lucky that I was able to make my own decision about what happened to my body and I didn’t encounter any judgement at any point. Unfortunately, there are still many places in the world where abortions are illegal, meaning that women’s rights to choose what happens to their body is taken away from them. 

If you or someone you know is worried that they may be pregnant, we have free pregnancy tests available to take from the hub in the SU, as well as condoms. Or, you can go to the sexual health clinic and have one done there for free.

If you do find out that you are pregnant, and you are not sure how you feel or what your options may be, my personal advice is to go to the sexual health clinic and then they will usually book you an appointment in at the hospital, where you will be talked through all the options available. It’s also very important that you don’t go through something like this on your own. Tell your friends and family if you can and you can always come to the SU advice service if you need some guidance. But remember, it is your body, so it is your decision – don’t let anyone pressure you into something that doesn’t feel right. Also, try not to worry about how it will affect your work – I easily got extensions for all of my assignments during my pregnancy and my department did all they could to help me, meaning that I still managed to get my desired grades.

Feel free to come to chat to me too; my door is always open (I literally don’t have a door).


Lydia Chilvers,

Wellbeing Officer, 2019-20.


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