October/November Academic Rep Election Results

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October/November Academic Rep Elections

Thank you to everyone who stood and congratulations to the winners, we look forward to working with you in the year ahead. We will contact successful candidates to remind them of their booking for training in the days ahead.

A full breakdown of voting is available on request by emailing union.elections@aber.ac.uk.

Positions where Re-Open Nominations (RON) were elected will be shared with the relevant Department to consider co-option.


Aberystwyth Business School





Postgraduate Taught Representative (Generalist)

Szymon Goras




Postgraduate Taught Representative (Specialist)

Emily Godfrey




Year 1 Accounting Representative

James Evans




Year 1 Business and Management Representative

Rhiannon Richards




Year 1 Tourism Representative

Bethany Gould




Year 2 Business and Management Representative

Juyul Rana


Re-Open Nominations


Year 2 Marketing Representative

Matthew William Robinson




Year 2 Tourism Representative

Karolina Ciesla




Year 3 Tourism Representative

Julia Dybczynska





Aberystwyth Law School

BA Law Representative

Adam 'Milk' Burlingham




Postgraduate Research Representative

Manon Chirgwin




Socrates / Erasmus Representative

Martin Karaivanov




Welsh Medium Representative

Emily Mary Bennett




Year 1 LLB Representative

Megan Limburn


E Yetismis



Year 3 LLB Representative

Jess Rees


Re-Open Nominations



Department of Computer Science

Foundation Comp Sci Representative

Callum Bourton





Postgraduate Research Representative

Ekpo Out





Year 1 Comp Sci Representative

Arsalan Azmi



Joel Adams


Max Maxwell


Veronika Karsanova


Year 2 Comp Sci Representative

Felix Thomas


Alexandra Murphy




Year 3 Comp Sci Representative

Kamyab Sherafat


Morgan Jones


Ela Przezdziak


Re-Open Nominations


Year in Industry Representative

Kira Paul-Fitton






Department of English and Creative Writing

MA Literary Studies Representative

Courtney Melville




Year 1 English Literature and Creative Writing Representative

Alice Tucker




Year 1 English Literature Representative

Calum Ward





Year 1 Joint Honours Representative

Kristiana Dzenite




Year 2 Joint Honours Representative

Kirsty Fairfield




Year 3 English Literature and Creative Writing Representative

Jay Griffiths




Year 3 Joint Honours Representative

Carys Bevan





Department of Geography and Earth Sciences

MSC Environmental Change, Impact and Adaptation Representative

Callum Ringer





Year 1 Environmental Science Representative

Jacques Williams




Year 1 Geography Representative

Charlie Pugh


Iwan Davies



Year 1 Human Geography Representative

Simon Everson




Year 2 Environmental Earth Science Representative

Liza Riches




Year 2 Geography Representative

Amy Louise Mason




Year 2 Physical Geography Representative

Lauren Mitchell




Year 3 Geography Representative

Hannah Scott


Niamh Kerrigan




Department of History and Welsh History

MA Modern History Representative

Jacqueline Jarocki




MA Pre 20th Century Representative

Carys Murphy




Year 1 Welsh Medium Representative

Charlie Leah




Year 3 History Representative

Pippa Jones




Year 3 Joint and Combined Honours Representative

Eliza Loftus





Department of International Politics

Employability Officer

Benjamin Harris




Joint Honours Representative

Caoimhe Mallon




MA International Politics (Specialist) Representative

Charles Roberts




MA Welsh Politics Representative

Elin Rosser




Year 1 Representative

Oliver Parry




Year 2 Representative

Emily Shaw





Department of Mathematics

Foundation Year Representative

Ethan Atkinson




Welsh Medium Representative

Anwen Thomas




Year 4 Representative

Christoffer Svendsen





Department of Modern Languages

Year 1 German (Advanced) Representative

William Bullock




Year 2 Italian Representative

Samantha Davison




Year 3 Spanish Representative

Martyna Gardela






Department of Physics

Foundation Year Representative

John David Anthony


Robyn Vaughan-Williams



Joint Honours Representative

Sivert Hellvik Havso




Postgraduate Representative

Chloe Erin Sumner




Welsh Medium Representative

Jac Jones




Year 1 Representative

Kristy Bell


Peter McGoldrick


Tusharadri Mahmud


Year 2 Representative

Patryk Jesionka




Year 3 Representative

Benjamin Turner





Department of Psychology

Joint Honours Representative

Lauren Gough




Year 1 Representative


Angela Connor


Dimitra Koutselini



Year 3 Representative


Non Edwards





Department of Theatre, Film and Television

Postgraduate Research Representative

Kieran Holland




Year 1 Drama and Theatre Studies Representative

Rachel Barwise




Year 1 Film and Television Studies Representative

Lucy Platten




Year 1 Joint Honours Representative

Holly Gibson




Year 1 Media and Communication Studies Representative

Rachel Chestnutt




Year 3 Drama and Theatre Studies Representative

Aaron Phillips





Department of Welsh and Celtic Studies

Celtic Studies Representative

Sabrina Fackler




Year 1 Welsh Representative (First Language)

Elen Roach




Year 1 Welsh Representative (Second Language)

Liam James Powell




Year 2 Welsh Representative

Marged Elin Roberts




Year 3 Welsh Representative

Tonicha Berry






MBIOL Representative

Rosedona Williams




MRES Representative

Molly Keith-Baker




MSC Animal, Livestock and Equine Science Representative

Chloe Harris




Postgraduate Representative

Katie Love


Michael Allcock



Year 1 Animal and Aquatic Sciences Representative

Cait Lowe


Damo-James Foster



Year 1 Biology and Health Representative

Benjamin Birch


Chelsea Nicklinson



Year 1 Foundation Degree Representative

Cara Blakemore




Year 2 Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Representative

Dewi Davies




Year 2 Animal and Aquatic Sciences Representative

Helen Hein


Elizabeth Silvester



Year 2 Biology and Health Representative

Joshua Carson


Zoë Jenkins



Year 3 Animal and Aquatic Sciences Representative

Sarah Davey




Year 3 Biology and Health Representative

Damian Stephen Clark





School of Art

Postgraduate Representative

Wayne Summers




Year 1 Representative

Charlotte Goode


Ellie Worrall-Mason



Year 3 Representative

Diana Goncharuk


Carolina Morales




School of Education

Welsh Medium Representative

Ffion Margetson




Year 1 Childhood Studies Representative

Beck Jones


Ffion Taylor



Year 1 Education Representative

Re-Open Nominations



Year 2 Childhood Studies Representative

Rhea Sanders






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