Name a more iconic duo: How to run as a pair in elections

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At AberSU we recognise that not all students have the same levels of flexibility with their time. Perhaps you’re a student parent, self-identify as disabled, have caring responsibilities and/or would just like the chance to do something impactful with a mate!

To reduce barriers for students who want to stand for elections, policy was passed at Senedd to allow students to run with one other person either as a Volunteer Officer or a Full-Time Officer – exciting stuff, right?

All those who choose to stand as a pair will be invited to a short meeting with SU staff to chat about the practicalities in more detail, but in the meantime we suggest you also have a read through some of the FAQs below.


How do we stand as a pair?

You use the same standing from as everyone else on the website, and only complete one standing form per pair. One person needs to fill in their details and then tick the option to stand as a pair. This will then expand the form, and you can then fill in the details on behalf of your partner. Anyone who opts to stand as a pair will be invited to a meeting with our elections team to talk though the specifics in more detail.

Will we receive extra support?

Between the two of you, you will receive the same level of support and resources, such as budget, as someone standing as an individual.

Do I have to know who I want to run with?

Yes, to ensure that everyone who runs as a pair has a strong existing relationship, the SU will not be offering a matching service, and we ask that you choose your team together.

What if my partner decides to drop out?

If your partner decides to drop out during standing we would look to allow you to either choose to drop out as a team, or that one of you continues campaigning as an individual.

If your partner was to drop out during your year in office, we would look to support you in continuing to fulfil the role wherever possible.

Do we have to fulfil a certain criteria to stand as a pair?

There is not a specific defined criteria for wanting to run as a pair; as listed in the article, there are certain circumstances in which we hope running as a pair might reduce barriers. These include, but are not limited to: student parents, those who self-identify as disabled and/or have caring responsibilities. The job share also provides the opportunity to further split a role based on your individual experiences and skills. For example, our Independent Students volunteer officer role currently covers anyone who self identifies as a care-leaver, estranged student, refugee, young carer or parent in education. Perhaps you are a care-leaver and could team up with a friend who is a parent in education?

Equally for other roles such as Faculty Officers, we hope that splitting the roles might just help to spread the workload between two people! Or maybe parts of the role play to your strengths? Love reading through meeting papers, but less confident presenting ideas in a big meeting? Why not team up with a friend?

We do require a short statement on your intentions for running together which is a part of the standing form, but this can be as simple as feeling more confident to run with another person to share the workload!

To run as a volunteer officer do we both have to identify as part of the specific liberation group where relevant?

Yes, for all Liberation volunteer officer roles such as BAME officer, LGBTQ+ officer and women’s officer you must both identify with the specific liberation group associated to the role you are standing for.

How will we vote and attend conferences?

As a pair, you will be treated as a single individual wherever possible. This means you will have a single vote to share in meetings such as Senedd. If only one of you can attend, you must email confirming you are happy for your counterpart to vote on behalf of both of you. This also applies to relevant external conferences such as NUS Liberation Conference, where only one person will be able to attend.

Full-time officer specific FAQs

How will we be paid?

You will be paid as two separate part-time employees, with the full salary divided by the proportions that you work – e.g. if you split the role 50/50 and work 18 hours a week, you would each get £9,000 for the year. Annual leave will also be divided in the same way.

How will we split hours of work?

You must agree to split the workload equally, both working 18 hours a week. You must cover usual working hours of 10-4pm Monday to Friday, but can choose within those hours around your individual needs. This working pattern must be made clear and agreed to by SU staff to ensure you are able to fulfil all your responsibilities.


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