Looking back on Homecoming 2023

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 The Aber SU annual Homecoming event holds a special place in the hearts of students and alumni, serving as a time for reconnection, nostalgia, and celebration. This year’s Homecoming saw 6 clubs and their alumni come together at different locations across campus and in town to relive their victories and create new memories together.




Lacrosse had a great weekend with activities on both the Friday and the Saturday. Friday evening, they arranged a Bonding Barbeque with new members and alumni from both the men’s and women’s teams. The team met on the Saturday at Vicarage fields and played a mixed friendly game.







“The event went great - we had old members come to visit (both men and women). On Friday we booked the BBQ area at bar 46 and on Saturday we played a mixed game at Vicarage Fields for about 3 hours!  Later that night we went out in Halloween costumes. It was good to see everyone again and for the current committee to meet the members who once had our roles.” – Belen O’Toole, Lacrosse President






Tarannau Cheerleading had a day full of activities, they held their Homecoming training in the Sports Cage, had a reunion meal and then finished their day off with cocktails. It was a pleasure to see so many old girls come back and pass on their knowledge to new members to help them foster their skills and stunts.

Badminton held a fun but competitive Halloween weekend tournament. This event is held every year on a smaller scale but the opportunity to hold the event at a bigger scale and have alumni members join was much appreciated by the club.

Men’s Rugby held a touch training session with their current and old members on the Sports training 3G, they had many members join and valued the session time given to them.


Dance Sport had over 30 attendees to their event, this homecoming marked the dance sport club’s 20th anniversary since being founded. Attendees included the president from first year of the club, this was a remarkable experience for the club members who were able to learn about the early days of the club and was a massive celebration of their 20 years. Activities included social dancing, where their embers danced dances they all knew together with ex members and current student members too.





“Our homecoming went fantastic and was an amazing event. People have been praising it all weekend as it gave them another opportunity to dance like they used to. It was honestly one of our best nights we've had as a club.”- Nyssa Wilkins, Club President






The annual Homecoming event fosters a sense of unity across generations of Clubs and Societies and offers alumni especially a special insight into the legacy of their groups. AberSU would like to take this opportunity to thank the Alumni Office DARO and AberFund for joint funding the event with us. 



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