Keep Calm, It’s Only Week 5!

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Hello darlings, it’ little old me again with a few nuggets of wisdom to bestow this week around what to do when it all seems wrong. I’m here to say simply, Keep Calm. It will get better!

So you’re in week 5 and either you’ve got reading week now or very soon and it all just seems a bit pants? I know the feeling, trust me, everyone does. But you’re halfway to Christmas! Soon it’ll be the lovely cosy weather, with meals out with friends, dressing to the nines with your clubs and societies, buying or making gifts for friends. It doesn’t seem so bad with all that lovely Christmas cheer. So why does it feel so bad now?

Back when I was a student, reading week or just halfway through the term felt like limbo, like we were waiting for it to tip over the other side. It’s like teetering on an edge, waiting for it to go one way or another. You’re running out of money, you might be going home so you get to be looked after by your parents again, and uni right now just doesn’t seem worth all the hassle.

The thing is though…

You have to let yourself fall off that edge to see which way it will go. 5 weeks isn’t really enough time to commit to anything and really experience it. To be honest, I’m not sure 3 years is sometimes! So you have to give yourself more time to adjust to the new climate you’ve thrown yourself into. The problem most people have now is that all the fun and excitement of freshers and meeting new people has worn off. Try to tackle that by joining a club or society, a volunteering team or just try new things outside of your degree.

The best way to tackle week 5 blues is to throw yourself, head first, into week 6. And if you’re still feeling like everything went wrong when you chose uni, then talk to someone around Christmas. But give it time to sink in before you jump ship.

I almost dropped out of uni around Christmas, I didn’t think it was for me, I hated it, I hadn’t made any friends. I almost dropped out of uni in my second year for many of the same reasons but you have to give yourself time to adjust. Practice self-care in these times, take a break, go home if you can but don’t panic, everything is fixable.

Now, on a slightly lighter note, It’s week 5 which means we are officially halfway! That means all the exciting stuff is yet to even happen! This is a great time to try out something new, you’re settled and you’ve created your own little space inside the Aber bubble. Now break out of that space, have a little fun, let your hair loose. And remember, there’s always people willing to listen so pop in to the union, student support, your personal tutors office, wherever. Just talk it out, and see what’s bugging you. Let’s work together to help you enjoy the next 5 weeks of term!


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