Gold Award - Jordan Luis Stone

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The Aber Award is our way of recognising students for their volunteering efforts during their time here at Aberystwyth! There are three milestone awards which anyone can work towards, with the highest being the Gold Award. The Gold Award is given to students who log over 150 hours of volunteering and record 8 skills. In term one, only three students achieved the Gold Award, and Jordan is one of these students! Here is how he achieved the award!

What volunteering you have done to get to this point?

I have been a scout leader for the past two and half years whilst at Aberystwyth University. This has involved organising evening sessions, hikes and camps for young people. I am the secretary for the Aberystwyth Conservation Volunteers society. This is an incredible society that volunteers locally and across Ceredigion to conserve the environment every Saturday and Wednesday afternoon. We have done beach surveys, step building at Penglais Woods and we even built a vegetable patch at the cabin for the scout group I volunteer at. I also help to run slacklining sessions as the Vice-president of the slacklining club. Lastly, I help undergraduates through the transition to university life as a peer guide.

Why did you work towards the Aber Award?

The Aber Award allows me to present employers with an award that demonstrates my commitment to volunteering, without the need to go through each role individually, especially if the volunteering role isn’t entirely relevant to what I'm applying for. 

How the volunteering has benefitted you?

The volunteering has benefited me by introducing me to incredible people who work really hard to benefit others. The selfless commitment I’ve seen is astonishing and inspiring. It has benefited me in the pursuit of a degree in zoology; my understanding of nature through conservation volunteering has really enriched my understanding of my course. Finally, the transferrable skills such as leadership, organisation and teamwork will no doubt be useful in whatever career I decide to pursue.


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