Chloe's Venture with Vinted

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Hey you!

Thank you for joining me this Thrifty Thursday! How did we both get here? Well, we heard from students that you enjoyed thrift finding, and wanted the SU to facilitate some new ways for students to get involved in more ethically and environmentally conscious means of buying, donating, and selling items. Now with lockdown and all, we unfortunately couldn’t go to the extent of hosting a clothes swap, but that will not stop me from giving the people what they want! So, I decided what better way to tackle this challenge than by diving into the not so new (but definitely new to ME) world of online clothes swap shops and take you along with me on my journey of discovery!

Now apart from the occasional charity shop spree in preparation for a social back in the day, my experience of flipping clothes and other items was… zilch. Nothing. Nada. So, I thought the first step of my journey should probably begin with a little research. I took to google, looking up blogs, articles and even youtube videos to explore all the different platforms available and their pro’s and con’s. Turns out there were loads of websites and apps providing various platforms for people worldwide to buy and sell their pre-loved clothing items, some I’d never even heard of before. After some extensive scrutiny, however, I decided that the best service for me personally, would be vinted.

Before I continue any further, I have to lay it out very clearly for you all that I am by no means endorsing vinted as a service or saying that this particular platform is any better or worse than the alternatives available – I just found that for what I was looking for it seemed the best fit! If you are planning on starting your own thrift adventure, I suggest you do your own research on the various platforms available (like depop, etsy, ebay, thredUP, Mercari, preloved, poshmark, etc) to see what suits your style!

Once I’d picked my platform, the next step then was to download the app and make myself a fancy looking profile! I uploaded a photo that made me look particularly friendly, added my personal details, and finished it off with a cute little bio about my sense of style. Now it was finally time to get selling. I got to work sifting through my items, taking multiple photos of each, adding them to their most relevant categories, and being sure to include a detailed description of each item. At the time of writing, I am yet to have sold anything on my very fresh shop, so I unfortunately can’t give much insight on what goes on once someone buys your products. However, my goal in writing this blog was to generally share my experience of setting up an online store no matter the platform you choose, as well as give you my tops tips as a newbie to the world of online selling! So, what have I learned so far? A couple things you should note;

  • Your photos are super important! The first thing a buyer will see is the picture, so make sure to get good quality photos on a plain background using natural light
  • Be honest! Include pictures of labels and spots that may be stained or damaged, and make sure to list the condition of your item as accurately as possible
  • Be fair with your pricing – Take some time to look at items other people have listed similar to yours to get a feel for the price-range you should go for
  • Be as descriptive as possible! – Although pictures are important, there are some things a lens can’t capture. Tell your buyers more about the item (age, sizing etc.) so they know for sure what they are purchasing
  • Include your reason for selling – if you no longer want an item, why would someone else? If your clothes no longer fit, or you are just having a good old clear out, say that!

That’s where I’m currently at folks, sitting here with my fingers crossed hoping one of my old garms will catch someone’s eye! I hope this has inspired just one of you to consider buying or selling from a personal shop, or that you have learned something from this very small titbit into the thrifting world! If you have a small business or online shop for pre-loved or handmade items, let us know your tips on how to make the most out of your shop, and what to look out for! Stay tuned for an update from me real soon!




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