BLOG POST: Snap Election - 03/09/2019

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Hey everyone!

Chloe here with a quick plea for you all to have your say in what is arguably an extremely important and sensitive decision at an even more sensitive time for Britain as a whole. Basically, I’m going to be telling you to VOTE and how to do it, because AberSU want you to know that your vote matters!

If you hadn’t heard already, a request to prorogue Parliament was granted by Her Majesty the Queen last week, and it has sparked utter chaos in Westminster. The reason? Prorogue essentially means the closing of all parliamentary business until October 14th.. Just 16 days before the big B day. This could effectively stop any MP from attempting to challenge a no-deal Brexit until their return, unless an emergency motion is passed later this week. As a result, the news has been manic, the public have been vocal, and a portion of MP’s have had enough. Parliament is currently a whirlwind of confused and angry politicians all shouting for different courses of action, none of which are certain right now. One quite likely possibility, however, is a snap election, of which we all as students could finally have the closest thing to a say on Brexit since the initial vote in 2016, that’s of course if it isn’t too late. 

SO STUDENTS OF ABERYSTWYTH! If a snap election does arise… VOTE! Have your say whatever that say may be! You may not know this, but as a student you hold the right to vote in a general election from either your home address or your university one here in Aberystwyth. You can also opt to vote in person at your local polling station, or via post so no matter where you are on the day, voting will be made easy. Registering is super simple, all you have to do is go to and enter your details of residence and citizenship (NI number). We at AberSU believe all students with a right to vote should be encouraged to exercise that right, and that the path be made as simple as possible to do so. For more information on voter registration, and on the AberSU campaign ‘Your Vote Matters’ head on over to 


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