#AberSUCelebrates2020: Most Improved Society of the Year – AberDogs

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‘Most Improved Society’ is awarded to a society that can demonstrate improved success, spirit, and organisation. Importantly, this also includes a dedication to carry this progression for future years.

AberDogs, our winner this year, is a relatively new society of ours. They started just over 3 years ago, going onto win Best New Society in 2018-19. Outstanding, over the past academic year they have managed to not only double their membership base, they have even gone onto become the biggest society on campus. 

The committee started off the year strongly, investing in the promotion of the society. Going into Freshers Week they had “sponsorship support, professional leaflets and banners made, along with merchandise”. They had also spent their summer planning their events for the academic year enabling them to provide more opportunities for their members to get involved.  

The committee have organised various activities and fundraising events over the year. Their efforts have led to raising over £1,000 for the charity, Guide Dogs. Included in this is £360 which was raised at one Canine Calming/Bake Sale alone. Additionally, their Christmas Fundraiser raised £200 for the Many Tears Animal Rescue in Wales. They have been able to keep their members engaged by providing a diverse range of activities throughout the whole academic year. This has included bake sales, craft trips, movie nights and canine calming. On top of their fundraising efforts, many members have actively volunteered in the dog shelter outside Aberystwyth, alongside many other volunteering opportunities.

Overall, the committee’s effort to raise the profile of their student group should be recognised as an example of an excellent and hard-working ethic. The SU is excited to see what AberDogs get up to next year, and we hope you are too!

Why not get involved yourself? Check out AberDogs here:
Email: scty226@aber.ac.uk
Website: https://www.abersu.co.uk/society/aberdogs/
Facebook: @aberdogssociety
Instagram: @aberdogs


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