#AberSUCelebrates2020: Best New Society – Eco Education

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Every year we get a range of new societies joining the Team Aber Family. This year the ‘Best New Society’ award was one of our most nominated. It is awarded to a society that has started, or has been restarted, in the last academic year. The society will have worked hard to establish themselves and make an impact on students’ lives. 

Our incredibly deserving winner this year is the Eco Education Society. Emerging on the wave of change in perception, this society’s goal is to make the world a better place and ultimately raise awareness about the issues within. The nominations for this group were plentiful, each one highlighted how much members enjoyed their time, the community they have built and the opportunities that have been available to them.

“I believe that this society is aiming towards making a positive change in the world and it deserves the award, as it unites rather than dividing people concerned about our planet.” – Anonymous nominator

They have excelled in creating a fresh new environment for students to meet like-minded people and commit to causes close to their hearts. Many nominations commended the efforts of the committee. They all worked hard to plan and present their weekly meetings, as well as providing social opportunities for members and facilitating a bunch of different fundraisers. For a new society they have amazingly raised over £200 for various environmental and charitable causes. Their efforts have gone on to benefit the Indigenous people of the Amazon, alongside buying clothes, medicine, and other essentials for children through UNICEF.

“The society is about educating people about all things to do with the environment, but it has become so much more. This society has attracted some of the kindest, most diverse, and caring students in Aber. We are a society of support and love, and multiple members have said how this society has made them feel safe and cared for, and that it means so much to them.” – Anonymous nominator

Collaboration has been at the heart of this society from the start. They teamed up with the English and Creative Writing Society to run one of their Book & Cake sessions with an environmental twist. They also participated in a range of litter picks organised by fellow student groups and local groups. Additionally, they have managed to attract the attention of local officials such as Angharad Massow from Ceredigion County Council and Ben Lake the local MP, featuring them as guest speakers. 

Exploration has also featured heavily in this group; in their first few weeks they hosted a ‘Forest Walk’. This enabled students to become familiar with their surroundings and discover some of the local hotspots of green spaces. A firm favourite of the nominees was the ‘Eco-Friendly Shop Crawl’! During this the group set out to explore the sustainable oriented shops around Aberystwyth giving students the knowledge to make environmentally conscious choices when shopping around Aberystwyth.

“I was very nervous when I first came to university and Eco Education really helped me. They were so friendly and welcoming. This group is accepting of everyone and nobody is judged. It feels like a safe place. Before I came, I couldn't imagine going on socials, but I felt so comfortable on the socials. But I also love the fact there is no pressure. There are plenty of non-drinking events such, like the eco-friendly shop crawls. I also love that everybody in the society is passionate about the environment, and we can try to help each other help the planet. The committee are amazing and truly deserve this award. They have come so far this year. The message of this society is amazing, but they also a lovely group of supportive people.” – Anonymous nominator

Overall, they have made a phenomenal impact. For a completely new society, the panel found this group had hit the ground running. The committee were not afraid to see their ideas through, notably undertaking ideas that have not been done in Aber yet. The Eco Education Society has secured themselves a vibrant community of passionate individuals; we at the SU thoroughly look forward to what they get up to next year and hope you do to!

Why not get involved yourself? Check out EcoEd Soc here:
Email: scty255@aber.ac.uk
Website: https://www.abersu.co.uk/society/ecoeducation/
Facebook: @EcoEducationSocietyAber
Instagram: @ecoeducationsocietyaber


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