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The winner of the Welsh Language Award has exceeded the boundaries of the Bilingualism Policy and actively promoted the Welsh language and culture within their student group.

Netball has, once again, won this award this academic year.

This club and its members have been committed to celebrating the Welsh language all year round.

They have included bilingualism print on all official club clothing, all of their correspondence, including their social media, and the club also upholds the bilingual policy at all of their events.

The Netball club also includes a Welsh Language Officer/Translation Officer on their committee to help increase their connection with the Welsh language and culture.

“It’s clear that AUNC take much pride in being a bilingual society as all posts and advertisement is in both languages that will accommodate all!”

- Anonymous nominee

“AUNC is deserving of the Welsh Language award as they recognise the importance of being a bilingual club. They’ve done their upmost to make all their public posts inclusive, stating their point in both languages.”

- Anonymous nominee

Overall, the club’s success in winning this award would not have happened without the commitment of all committee members dedicating themselves to improving bilingualism within, not only the club, the within the netball sport itself. We at the SU are extremely proud of their enthusiasm towards the language and hope they keep up the amazing work!


Why not get involved yourself? Check out Netball here:





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