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Standing out from the crowd is always important and none of the work you do representing other students should go to waste.

The Higher Education Achievement Record, is a document that allows employers to see what extra activity you got up to whilst at University. As well as listing your academic achievements it includes your participation in certain extra-curricular activities whether you were an Academic Representative for your course, a Committee member for your Sports Club or Society and finally but not least if you were an SU Volunteer Officer.

The whole point of the HEAR was to recognise two things:

  • That in a world of many graduates, employers need something other than a degree classification to make their choice.
  • That being a volunteer officer, academic rep or running a club or society develops the skills that make you more employable.

Any hours you give towards your role as a volunteer officer can also be logged using the AberSU Volunteering Hub – giving you a full report of volunteering hours and skills developed on the journey.

So, it shouldn’t be the main reason you think of standing for election this February but you can be assured your hard work will be recognised if you do!

Stand in the 2018 Officer Elections by visiting


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