Rugby League


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A friendly, family-like club that will encompass anyone of any rugby ability that will not only improve rugby skills, but also the entire university experience. Any amount of time or effort put into this club is greatly appreciated and will be returned with interest.

Rugby League is a growing sport in Wales. We are currently in Division 1A West in the BUCS. While Rugby League is normally dominant in Northern England, there has been a resurgance within Wales in the last few years.

Rugby League is different than Rugby Union in many ways. Firstly the biggest difference is that there is only 13 players compared to 15. This promotes open play and a faster game. Secondly each team is given 6 tackles or chances to score. If, after six tackles, they have not scored, the ball is handed over to the other team who then get the chance to score with their six tackles. There are many other differences between the two codes of rugby which ultimately leads to a faster game.

Important Documents

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For Further information please dont hesitate to contact our president:

Sam Preece