Kalah System


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Welcome to the Kalah system.


What we do?

Kalah is not a sport fighting system or commonly known as self defence, it closely mimics the stress of real violent confrontation, a combat system with countless years of tactical experience, it deals with extremely effective techniques coupled with practical training, building confidence and creating  physiological effects to deal with real world violence in a real way.


The Founder

Idan Abolnik is the founder and chief instructor (he will not use the title ‘Master’ or ‘Sensei’) of the Kalah System. A decade of combat experience in some of the worlds most testing conflicts have given Idan a level of experience of both armed and unarmed combat that can truly be described as world class. His experience has shaped his system and he uses his real world experience from the upper echelons of the Israeli Military and diplomatic protection teams to develop techniques unsurpassed in their effectiveness.

Upon entering the Israeli military Idan was selected to join one of their most respected units, the Golani. During his active service he took part in countless high-risk operations both internally and externally to Israel as well as being responsible for unit training. The Golani are well known for unparalleled operational experience within Lebanon and Gaza making them some of the most hardened fighters within the IDF.


We train survivors

“learning to defend yourself and your loved ones is a challenging business. It’s a serious subject and your training should reflect that.

Our classes will challenge you, teach you, grow your fitness and conditioning but most importantly give you a real understanding of modern violence and how to deal with it”


“Sometimes the only person who’s going to have your back is you”

(sited kalah.co.uk)


Training in the system is hard. Students are exposed to world-class techniques but also trained to face, understand and ultimately cope with the fear of violence itself. It is this level of realism that sets Kalah apart from other systems. We believe in pushing our training to the limit, testing our techniques under real pressure to make sure than when tyou need it you have the best chance of survival.


Training days and locations:

Student union main room.

Wednesdays: 10:30 to 12:00


Students and non students

£20 society joining fee

then continue to pay £2.50 training fee subs per session.





President:     Craig Ingram          cri@aber.ac.uk

Vice Pres:     Kai Rouse              Kar40@aber.ac.uk

Social Sec:   Lauren Fletcher      laf16@aber.ac.uk

Treasurer:     Helen Wilman           hew25@aber.ac.uk

Welfare :       Joseph Donovan