Welsh Language Officer

Beca Hughes - Welsh Language Officer

“Beca supports in the Welsh language and Culture in the Union.”

Email: suwelshlanguage@aber.ac.uk


Responsibilities of all Volunteer Officers

  • To attend all appropriate AberSU and University meetings including Senedd Meetings and Forums.
  • To act in a professional and appropriate manner always.
  • To ensure that all decisions and actions are taken in line with the AberSU constitution and current AberSU policy.
  • To be prepared to report on the progress of the work under their remit.
  • To regularly meet and liaise with relevant Officer Trustees and staff members.
  • To attend relevant meet and greets throughout the year.
  • To attend relevant Advisory Board.
  • To attend all training relevant to their role.

Responsibilities of Welsh Language Officer

• Representing Welsh speaking students on matters relevant to them.

• Co-ordinating and leading campaigns on matters relating to the needs of Welsh speaking students.

• Acting as a source of information and point of contact for Welsh speaking students and students interested in the Welsh language.

• Advising AberSU on ways it can improve its work in line with the needs of Welsh speaking students (including but not limited to regular review of AberSU Bilingualism Policy).

• Working with students, full-time officers and other officers across Wales and UK to ensure the needs of Welsh speaking students are represented.



Current Priorities:

Below you can find a list of priorities Dafydd is working on this year as well as their current progress on them.


If you’d like to get involved or find out more email ...



Campaigns and Democracy Coordinator 

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Welsh Language Officer

Beca Hughes