International Students Officer

Alex Molotska? (They/Them) - International Students Officer

Alex supports international students’ representation in the Union.”

Email: laf24?


Responsibilities of all Volunteer Officers

  • To attend all appropriate AberSU and University meetings including Senedd Meetings and Forums.
  • To act in a professional and appropriate manner always.
  • To ensure that all decisions and actions are taken in line with the AberSU constitution and current AberSU policy.
  • To be prepared to report on the progress of the work under their remit.
  • To regularly meet and liaise with relevant Officer Trustees and staff members.
  • To attend relevant meet and greets throughout the year.
  • To attend relevant Advisory Board.
  • To attend all training relevant to their role.


Responsibilities of International Students’ Officer

• Representing International students on matters relevant to them.

• Co-ordinating and leading campaigns on matters relating to the needs of International students.

• Acting as a source of information and point of contact for International students.

• Advising AberSU on ways it can improve its work in line with the needs of International students.

• Working with students, full-time officer and officers across Wales and the UK to ensure the needs of International students are represented and further the aims of the International Students’ Campaign.


Current Priorities:

Below you can find a list of priorities Ren is working on this year as well as their current progress on them.

Provide spaces for international students to find a community and share their culture with others.

 • Host a Speed Friending event for international students to meet each other.

 • Host a zine making workshop for students to share their cultures and experiences in an art display.

Support International students in knowing what support is available to them while studying at Aberystwyth University.

 • Create a webpage on the SU website with all the information and links for students to find what they need.

• Work with the university to record an onboarding session with everything students need to know about assignments and exams in Wales.

• Create spaces for international students to ask questions and share experiences with one another.


Check out what Ren has done so far: 

More Benches on Abersywtyth Campus presentation.       


On Tuesday December 5th, 2023, the SU hosted a Zine Workshop in the Picture house, via the International Student Officer to participate in Arts Fest. One of my priorities as the International Student Officer was to prove spaces for international students to find a community and share their culture with others, and what better week to hold an event than Arts fest. The reason for encouraging students to make zines (a collage that makes a book/pamphlet folded together without binding, with texts, and imagines) during Arts Fest, was to allow a creative way for students to express their culture, journey and even challenges they have faced. In additions to the officers patriating, around five students attended, and you can view what they felt comfortable sharing. There was a theme of students sharing the challenges with coping with a decreasing mental health once attending Uni. It was truly amazing to have students feel comfortable sharing their challenges that they have faced and providing a space in which allowed them to express those emotions in a creative way. I created my zine regarding the reason I ran for officer. How when I first came to the UK, I felt alone, and confused and the discrimination I faced. And how the SU and International Office helped during those times, and how I thrive to help other students as well. It is really important to have conversations on what students are experiencing, and I am extremely grateful to able to encourage my peers to discuss their mental health.





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International Students Officer

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