Disabled Students Officer

VACANT - Disabled Student's Officer

“VACANT supports in disability liberation for students in the Union.”

Email: suvoice@aber.ac.uk


Responsibilities of all Volunteer Officers

  • To attend all appropriate AberSU and University meetings including Senedd Meetings and Forums.
  • To act in a professional and appropriate manner always.
  • To ensure that all decisions and actions are taken in line with the AberSU constitution and current AberSU policy.
  • To be prepared to report on the progress of the work under their remit.
  • To regularly meet and liaise with relevant Officer Trustees and staff members.
  • To attend relevant meet and greets throughout the year.
  • To attend relevant Advisory Board.
  • To attend all training relevant to their role.


Responsibilities of Disabled Students’ Officer

• Representing students who identify as disabled on matters relevant to them.

• Co-ordinating and leading campaigns on matters relating to the needs of Disabled students

• Acting as a source of information and point of contact for Disabled students.

• Advising AberSU on ways it can improve its work in line with the needs of Disabled students.

• Working with students, full-time officer and officers across Wales and the UK to ensure the needs of Disabled students are represented and further the aims of the Disabled Students Campaign.


Current Priorities:

Below you can find a list of priorities Xavier is working on this year as well as their current progress on them.

Education for University staff on Disability.

• Meet with student services.

 • Lease with University Staff about getting training in the Strategic equality plan for the next three years.

• Work with Full time Officers to make sure all University staff are trained on Disability and neurodiversity Education.

 • Communicate with students about their experiences.

Supporting in Disability History Month.

 • Helping organise and run events for all students to attend to learn about and celebrate disability and neurodiversity.


More regular Disabled and Neurodiverse meet and greets.

• To hold once a month during term time.



If you’d like to get involved or find out more email ...



Campaigns and Democracy Coordinator 

Ash Sturrock 



 Disabled Student's Officer