Electoral Qualification Amendment

Passed by: Senedd

Passed on: 19/04/2021

Policy lapses: 19/04/2024

Status: Completed

Officer Responsible: Union President


Bring elections into compliance with the Students Charter and SU Constitution.



Under the Electoral Qualifications of the Students Union Elections, currently there is nothing in place to disqualify candidates who have previously and publicly expressed harmful views against the students they may go on to represent. Currently, the only behaviour that will disqualify a candidate from the election, is voter fraud. Currently elections provide a unique period where the student charter and SU Constitution rules do not apply equally as they do the rest of the year. Complaints about students conduct prior to the election period, is not taken into account due to not occurring during the election cycle.
Therefore we suggest an amendment to Point 2, Electoral Qualifications. The amendment is to add a fifth sub-point, worded as follows:
If evidence is provided, then any student shall have their eligibility forfeited for publicly sharing or publishing views that are in direct violation of the Aberystwyth University Students Charter, and/or the Aberystwyth Student's Union Constitution, during their time as a student of Aberystwyth University/ Member of the Students Union.

Submitted By: Aaron Mark Daniels

Actions List

Action Taken Name and Role Date
We sought legal advice on freedom of belief and we are unable to restrict eligibility on this basis N/A November 2023

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Ash Sturrock 

Campaigns and Democracy Coordinator
  ais13@aber.ac.uk  /  suvoice@aber.ac.uk 

Bayanda Vundamina

Union President