Helo and welcome to Aberystwyth I'm this year's UMCA President and Welsh Affairs Officer, and I've just finished three amazing years studying Welsh History and Human Geography. I'm very grateful to UMCA and its community for the invaluable experiences I've had while I was a student. As UMCA President and Welsh Affairs Officer, I will represent you and fight for your rights as Welsh speaking students. It's essential that your voice is heard, and I'm here to make sure that happens. I intend to organise a variety of events and activities which have been a central part of the annual calendar, as well as a number of exciting changes which will take place during the year. The aim of UMCA is to represent Welsh speaking students, be it their first language or if they're learners. UMCA strongly believes that everybody is at different stages of learing the language, and we offer free Welsh lessons to members who wish to improve their fluency. When you become members, you get to be a part of these activities and events and experience belonging to a natural Welsh community. I'm really looking forward to next year at Aberystwyth University, and the opportunity to meet you all! Remember to call in at my office in Pantycelyn and at the Union for a chat. I'm here to represent you as Welsh students and to help make your experience in Aberystwyth the best it can be!

Below are the progress updates regarding individual officer campaigns and projects. Officers will update the traffic light system to reflect their progress. If you wish to challenge the progress please leave a comment. The Democracy Team will confer with Officers and the progress update will be amended accordingly and if appropriate to do so. 

Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...

Lleol campaign blog

During May this year, the LLEOL campaign will be under way. The purpose of the campaign is to encourage students to shop locally, and to show the benefits of doing so.

Pantycelyn Blog

The unique community that exists within Pantycelyn is very difficult to explain, but I think that providing you with a little of the background to the campaign to save this iconic hall of residence will help you to understand the importance of the building, not only to the university but to the whole of Wales.

A word from the organiser.....

The Inter-Collegiate Dance (Y Rhyng-gol) 2016 is certain to be one of the best ever!

Rhun's First Blog

The first couple of months have flown by, with a load of things happening.
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