Hi everyone, I’m Lauren and I’m your President this year. This is my second year as an officer (last year I was your Education Officer) and I’m really excited to be representing you for another year. I did my undergraduate degree in Genetics, and graduated in 2015. I first got involved in the Students’ Union as an Academic Representative and being on a sports club committee, and this involvement really motivated me to run to be an officer. As President it is my job to make sure that myself and the officer team work to represent you and all students in Aberystwyth. I meet regularly with the university executive team, as well as attending university committees, on behalf of the student body; ensuring your voices are heard at every opportunity given. I also chair the Students’ Union Board of Trustees and have a big role in Students’ Union governance, lead the officer team in our day to day activities and strategic aims, and represent you on a national level. As an officer, I also co-ordinate and facilitate campaigns for Aberystwyth students, making sure that your experience at Aberystwyth is the best that it can be. I want to focus on lots of areas for our students, and my priorities can be found on my officer page on the SU website. I really encourage you to get involved with the SU, our activities and decision making. If you need anything, we’re always here, so pop in and say hello!

Below are the progress updates regarding individual officer campaigns and projects. Officers will update the traffic light system to reflect their progress. If you wish to challenge the progress please leave a comment. The Democracy Team will confer with Officers and the progress update will be amended accordingly and if appropriate to do so. 

Coming soon....

Coming soon...

Why should I register to vote?

Prime Minister Theresa May has called for a General Election to be held on 8th June 2017. This came as a surprise to all of us, particularly leaving students on the back foot in terms of influencing manifestos, registering to vote and voting. You might feel like you’re suffering from elections fatigue at the moment;

The Cost of University Life

In my manifesto I said that I wanted to find out whether students in Aber are facing additional hidden course fees on top of their tuition, and start working out how we can bring these costs down.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

In one of my blogs last semester I talked about the Diamond Review which was to be published in September following a lengthy review into higher education funding, student finance and support in Wales.

10 Things AberSU Did For You in 2016

Hello! And welcome back to the start of semester 2. I really hope that you exams are going well, assignments are in and that you’re looking forward to an exciting new term at Aber.

Happy New Year & Good Luck!

?Welcome back everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great Christmas holiday and New Year celebrations.
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