Hi, I’m Ryan and I’m your Education Officer! I’ve just graduated with a Master’s degree in Mathematics; this is my fifth year in Aberystwyth and I’ve been involved with the Union and student representation every year. Over the next year you’ll see me around the campus talking to students and your academic representatives about what matters to you. Representation is the main part of my job and as a result I sit on lots of university committees ensuring that the student voice is constantly being heard at all levels of the university. Over the next year I’ll be working with academic representatives to find new ways we can get them involved in university structures to make sure that students always have a seat at the table when decisions are made. I also want to hear from you, if you think that something could be changed at the university or in the Union drop me a line. I’m here for all things academic – don’t forget if you ever need impartial advice our advice centre is here.

Below are the progress updates regarding individual officer campaigns and projects. Officers will update the traffic light system to reflect their progress. If you wish to challenge the progress please leave a comment. The Democracy Team will confer with Officers and the progress update will be amended accordingly and if appropriate to do so. 

Coming Soon...

Coming soon...

Teaching Awards

In just under three months, Aberystwyth Students’ Union will be hosting its 6th annual Student Led Teaching Awards. But more exciting than that is that nominations for this year’s awards are open!

The NSS and me

The National Student Survey is an annual survey of final year undergraduates in the UK, it asks many questions about your time and experiences while at university. It asks questions on a range of topics including the teaching you receive, the assessments and feedback you get and how you feel that your voice is listened to while at university.
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