Hello and Welcome to Aber! I’m Jasmine, your Activities Officer which means that I am here to ensure that you have every opportunity to get involved with Activities here at Aberystwyth, whether you are interested in taking up a new sport like Slacklining or joining a different society like Tickled Pink to getting involved with volunteering. University is much more than lectures, essays and coursework. At Aberystwyth more than 4,000 of our students are involved in Activities. We have over 50 sports clubs, over 90 societies and a vast number of volunteering projects available to you guys. Not only that, but Activities at Aberystwyth are currently ranked 12th in the country for student satisfaction within Activities which was voted for by our students. And if you can’t find anything that takes your fancy, why not start your own club or society?! We have annual Varsity competitions with Bangor (boo) in which both sports and societies get to compete and prove our superiority by regaining the Sports and Societies Trophies, to where they rightfully belong. I’m looking forward to getting to know you all. If you have any questions please feel free to come see me, you can find me in my office, or out somewhere supporting TeamAber.

Below are the progress updates regarding individual officer campaigns and projects. Officers will update the traffic light system to reflect their progress. If you wish to challenge the progress please leave a comment. The Democracy Team will confer with Officers and the progress update will be amended accordingly and if appropriate to do so. 

Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...

Getting Involved

As some of you may be aware the #ThisGirlCan campaign was something we got very into here at the SU. The campaign itself is about getting more women involved in the provision of sport and overcoming some of the barriers that many women face when it comes to starting something new like a joining a club or simply just going to the gym for the first time.

Sporty Card, Petitions and Funding Models

For as long as anyone here, in the Students’ Union, and Students themselves can remember it has been a high priority for the Activities Officer (currently one of mine) to do something about the dreaded Sporty Card.

Freshers’ Flashback

Activities Week and Freshers’ Week were pretty crazy so that is why it is only now that I am writing/posting this blog I promised you all a long, long time ago!

The calm before the storm

So, blog number 2! This one is going to be more about how I have found it being in the job, since I’ve started in July to now. It’s normal thing for anyone entering a new job to find it daunting and scary; becoming Activities Officer was absolutely no different to that!

Why should you attend Activities Week?
Jasmine Cross, Activities Officer, AberSU 16-17

A blog about my experience of Activities Week in my first year.

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