How We Work

Everything we do as a students’ union is for the benefit and advancement of our members; put simply Aberystwyth students are the reason why we exist. Since we are a membership-led organisation, we believe it is essential that you know how we operate, and through this, how you can get involved.

We’re Autonomous

Although we receive funding from Aberystwyth University and work closely with them, we are an autonomous organisation. What this means in practice is we can remain completely focussed on our members with one aim in mind – to make student life at Aber better.

You Lead Us

As you may have guessed students are at the heart of everything we do. We love to give our members opportunities to shape their union, campus and community in any way we can. This includes having student places on the Board of Trustees, Union Council and Officer Team.

We’re a Charity

Just like many other Students’ Unions across the UK we’re a registered charity. In a nutshell, being a charity means the following:

  • What we do is Not-for-Profit
    Any income we make from our commercial activities goes straight back into providing services for you.
  • We’re Governed by Charity Law
    We have a legal responsibility to make sure we spend our money on the right things – like spending it on students and their experience.
  • We Answer to the our Members 
    Like we said earlier, everything we do is for you so it’s only right you make sure we’re delivering on our promises and spending the money in the right places.

On these pages you’ll find everything you need to know about how we work to ensure you are getting fantastic membership, have your voice heard and enhance your education.