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*January 2021 update

Mid Wales Travel services update

Bus services are currently limited due to the essential travel only guidance in relation to Covid-19.

Please see timetable here for services.

*The 301 and 512 drop off on/just outside the campus entrance for anyone needing to get onto campus.



We have a new collection procedure for bus cards this academic year (in order to avoid queues and encourage safe social distancing measures):

1. Please order your bus card online (below)

2. Take a passport-style photo of yourself

3. Screen shot your order confirmation (this includes your reference number in order to allocate the picture to the correct purchase) and email to - please attach your photo and include your student number 


Your card will be ready to collect from SU Reception within 2 working days.

Collection times: 10am – 4pm from the 22 September, daily during welcome period (Big Welcome Weekend and Orientation Week) – weekdays following this

Get an extra 15 minutes in bed in the morning plus avoid the rain, cold, wind and walking up hills!


The Student / Staff Bus Card gives you:

  • Unlimited travel on all Mid Wales Travel buses within Aberystwyth
  • Unlimited travel between all campuses; Penglais, Llanbadarn and Gogerddan
  • Discounted travel outside Aberystwyth:
  • half price on Mid Wales Travel buses
  • Aberystwyth to Carmarthen on T1 for only £3


There are plenty of bus routes to choose from:

  • 03*, 301 – Drives into Penglais Campus
  • 512 - Passing by Penglais Campus
  • ... and more, you can view the full timetable on the Mid Wales Travel

*The 03 service will be running from the 28th September. Due to the current safe zones in Aberystwyth town centre there will be a slight change to the 03 service temporarily:

8:35 – 10:30am: Service as usual with pickups in town centre.

10:30am onwards: Pickup from Bus station & North Parade only due to road closures.


This product is not on sale.


Valid from 21/09/2020 - 29/05/2021
£1 per card is donated to Aberystwyth and Borth Lifeboats


Important bits

  • Don't forget to email a passport style photo of yourself (with the order confirmation email) to 
  • Please collect your Mid Wales Travel bus card from the Students’ Union reception.
  • Please bring your Student/Staff card with you.
  • Please visit MWT Facebook page for most up to date rules on how to travel safely and travel information.





Is it worth it getting a MWT Bus Card?

Let’s do an example; if you are a student planning to go to Penglais Campus from town, only in term time, just 4 times a week, one way only then without a Bus Card you would pay:

29 weeks x 4 times a week x £1.20 per ride = £139.2

If you were to use a bus twice a day (e.g. return trip, shopping) then it would be £278.4



  • you don’t have to carry change
  • bus is safer than walking
  • you will avoid, rain L, hills, wind, cold, carrying shopping


If I don’t have a MWT Bus Card how much does one bus ticket cost within Aberystwyth or to Goggerdan campus?

  • £1.20 in town
  • £1.80 to Goggerdan


Where do I get a timetable from?

Visit MWT website:

You can also pick up a printed timetable from the Students’ Union reception.


Where do I buy my Bus Card?

You can pay for it online at

You need to pick it up and have your photo taken at the Students’ Union reception.


Where do I pick up my card from?
Students’ Union Welcome Desk, Penglais Campus, Aberystywth, SY23 3DX, term time opening hours: 9am – 5pm, 01970 62 17 00


Who can buy MWT Bus Card?

  • Aberystwyth University (AU) students with valid AU student card
  • AU staff
  • National Library of Wales staff
  • Coleg Ceredigion students and staff


Can I share my MWT Bus Card with a friend?



What happens if I lose MWT Bus Card?

Please don’t. It creates an opportunity for dishonest people to use it; which the bus company will deal with by taking away the card. If you lose the Bus Card you can get a replacement from Students’ Union reception for £10.


What happens if I leave university before my Bus Card expires?

The MWT Bus Card price is based on fixed terms and no refunds will be issued.

In case of extraordinary circumstances please contact MWT directly on 01970 828 288.


Terms & Conditions

  • Mid Wales Travel bus card cannot be used in conjunction with weekly tickets or any other combination of offers.
  • Replacement Mid Wales Travel bus card costs £10.


Data Protection Declaration

In providing my information I understand that I am required to provide my details, as outlined below, to Aberystwyth University Students’ Union, and that they will be held in compliance with the Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018 and with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), along with the University and AberSU data protection policies.  They will be retained on the basis that AberSU has a legitimate interest in processing them and that it is also necessary for the performance of a contract.


Details will be kept for up to four years as a record of involvement and for statistical purposes. Students can object to certain aspects of processing by emailing  The Union’s Data Protection Statement and Policy is reviewed annually to ensure compliance and is available on request or by visiting:


What details do we need you to share?

  • Name
  • Student Number
  • Also, we note the date of the sale, payment form and whether the buyer is a member of staff or a student, as well as take a photo of the individual to print on a card


Why do we collect this data?

  • To keep a record of cards sold
  • To issue a Bus Card
  • To issue replacements at cost of £10 – not the full price
  • To fight potential fraud
  • To contact you if a lost card is handed in


Please see the Students’ Union full Data Protection Policy here:

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