Help From Home

When it's not as easy to get out and volunteer in person with charities and community groups, there is always the possibility of helping from home as an individual or with your household. Here at the Students' Union, we still want to facilitate volunteering and provide you with ideas and opportunities to get involved!

There are plenty of local opportunities here:

You can search a both further for opportunities here:


Ideas to Help from Home or in your Household

Litter pick or Beach Clean

The sight of litter in our public spaces and beauty spots is never nice to see. Fast food litter, plastic packaging and single use items tend to be the main culprits, and whilst solutions from governments and manufactures are needed, litter picks are a quick and simple way to take local action.

To carry out a litter pick you will need to...

  • Choose a location
  • Get yourself rubber gloves, a binbag and litter picker (from September, you'll able to borrow these form the Students' Union - email
  • Take into consideration the weather, traffic, tide times and don’t pick up any sharps or dog mess.
  • Make sure to disinfect the litter picker and wash your hands after you’ve finished.

You may be able to join larger scale litter picks through organisation such as Keep Britain Tidy - and Surfers Against Sewage -

The Students' Union also runs a beach clean every term!


Submit Local Wildlife Records

The National Biodiversity Network (NBN) is a collaborative partnership created to exchange biodiversity information. If you know a little about wildlife and have some confidence in identifying what you have seen, then iRecord is the place to go! The aim of iRecord is to make it easier for wildlife sightings to be collated, checked by experts and made available to support research and decision-making at local and national levels.

To submit local wildlife records, you will need to...

  • Choose a location
  • Get yourself a pencil and paper, binoculars, magnifying glass and Identification books
  • Record any wildlife or plants you see. (Make sure to check ID books or websites if you’re not sure)
  • Submit your records and location via the National Biodiversity Network iRecord -
  • If your record a sighting around Aberystwyth, you can also submit recorded to the West Wales Biodiversity Information Centre -

If you'd like to get involved with ecological surveying as part of an organised group join Penparcau Community Wildlife Forum Facebook Group for notifications of upcoming surveys -





Microvolunteering is a convenient and easy way to help with a project, anytime and anywhere! You can volunteer from as a little as 1 minute at a time and you have the opportunity to help with a huge range of activities. The idea is that many people doing small actions can make a big impact!

Microvolunteering is perfect for those wit busy lives because...

  • You won't be tied to a certain place or time
  • You control the time and environment to volunteer
  • Requires minimal training
  • There is minimal commitment

To become a microvolunteer and choose from 100’s of projects go to -

Become a Telephone Befriender

When it's not possible to meet in person, telephone befriending is the next best solution! This is a really valuable way of giving up your time to help combat loniless and build connections with elderly individuals in your community.

  • We have teamed up with Re-egnage to run a student befriending service, to find out more go to - - or email Amy -


    To become a telephone befriender, you will need to...

    • Choose a befriending charity
    • Re-engage, The Silver Line, Age UK or Independant Age are all UK befriending services
    • Register your interest and attend training
    • You’ll be matched to a like-minded individual who you'll phone on a weekly basis (at an agreed time) for a catch up!

Donating blood save lives, simple. Most people can give blood and men can give blood every 12 weeksm whilst women can give blood every 16 weeks. The NHS particularly needs more donors who are black, male or have O negative blood type. 

To give blood for the first time or as a returner, you will need to...

  • Go to: or
  • Answer a few questions to check your eligibility to give blood
  • If you’re eligible, choose your location and find out when the next donation is taking place
  • Book yourself an appointment
  • Make sure to re-arrange if you find you can’t attend or you feel unwell

The Welsh Blood Service comes to Aberystwyth University twice a year, so if you're eligible, you will have the opportunity to donate as a student.

Donate to a Foodbank

Foodbanks are essential life lines and distribute both food and toiletires to those who need it most. People from all walks of life may at somepoint in their lives may find themselves needing to to use a foodbank. By donating items, you are giving someone a helping hand by ensuring they get their next meal.

To support a local foodbank, you will need to...

  • Choose a spending amount
  • Contact or check the foodbank website to find out what items are most needed
  • Buy these items (within your budget) during your next food shop
  • Leave the items at a foodbank drop-off point

Jubilee Storehouse is the local foodbank for Abersytwyth and an in town drop-off point can be found in Tesco. You can fiind out what items theu need by going to -


Raise Money for Charity

Now more than ever, charities need our help to provide and raise funds which ensure their important work can continue. To help charities bounce back from COVID-19, you can give your support and time by raising money for a charity that is close to your heart.

To raise money for chairty, you will need to...

  • Choose a charity and fundraising target
  • Choose your online fundraising activity – This could be selling items, sponsored challenge, organised events etc. 
  • Set up a fundraising page
  • Share your activity, encourage donations and reach your target!

If you join a club or society you could be invovled with their RAG fundraising efforts and volunteer with the members to try to raise as much money as possible!